Home Table of Contents Community # AutoHotkey Community Rules Version v1.08, August 11th, 2018 General Policy and Clauses ---------------------------------------------- A. FORUM TOS: https://autohotkey.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=29155 B. NOTE: "This list is non-exhaustive - the Moderating team reserves the right to close any thread that they feel is contrary to the ethos of the forum." C. The Moderation team will do their best to act in a fair and reasonable manner. Sanctions will only be applied as a last resort and any action taken will be explained in the relevant thread. D. If moderation action is taken, you will need to acknowledge this through a dialog or you will be unable to post further in the forum. Please note that this dialog is not an agreement that the warning was justified - it is only there so that members are aware that moderation action has been taken and that they may have certain restrictions applied to their account. E. If you feel that you have been unfairly moderated then contact the Moderator concerned or an administrator - using a PM or the "Report" button (preferable) to open a new moderation case thread. That being said, do be aware that the Moderation team has the final word - the rules are set out by the site administrators. F. In the spirit of fairness, the staff will consider what the community has to say. However, the staff will always have the final say (as specified in clause E). G. Anything that is found to be illegal is subject to moderation/removal. Malicious --------------------------------------------- 1. No prank scripts/code. 2. No malware or otherwise malicious scripts/code. 3. Malware of any form: trojan, virus, keylogger, spam tool, "joke/spoof" script, etc. Open source -------------------------------------- 1. No closed-source scripts/code. 2. No decompilation requests or details of decompilation code (exceptions may exist, eg. 10+ year old scripts, archival purposes, etc.). Spam ------------------------ 1. Please do not react to spam in any way other than reporting it. Multiple reports are combined by the forum software, so there is no need to announce that you have reported the spam - in fact doing so only increases the work for the Moderator who deals with it. 2. Due to previous events, no tor or similar software is allowed for connections to the forum. Inappropriate content ------------------------ 1. Do not post material that could be considered pornographic, violent or explicit. Do not post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this site. 2. To protect this community, any files posted by you are subject to checks to ensure that they do not contain malware. This includes, but is not limited to, decompilation and reverse engineering. 3. Do not flame or insult other members; report the thread to a moderator (see below) if you are so attacked. Behaviour ------------------------ 1. Do not PM other users asking for support - that is why the forum exists, so post there instead. 2. Do not create multiple accounts - if you inadvertently created multiple accounts then contact a moderator to close the unwanted ones. 3. Do not repost the same question if the previous thread has been locked - particularly if you merely reword the question to get around one of the prohibitions listed above. 4. Do not delete your posts, nor completely remove their content: doing so will interrupt the flow and ruin the integrity of the thread/forum. 5. Signatures and avatars: There is no formal policy for the use of signatures, but if a moderator thinks it is too big and/or distracting, then you may be asked to tone it down. Nobody likes wading through signatures that are a page long. Similarly for avatars, expect distracting flashing and animated gifs to be removed. Additionally, signatures and avatars are subject to all other rules and clauses mentioned in this document. Interacting with this website ------------------------ 1. Anyone found abusing the website is subject to harsh punishment without warning. A non-exhaustive list of potential abuses include: - Automated forum registration or login. - Automated posting or sending messages on the forum. - Automated manipulation of polls, user reputation or other forum features. - Automated creation or comments on issue tracker tickets. - Automated creation or editing of wiki pages. - Other abuses which are either examples of excessive bandwidth usage or automation of the site. 2. Use common sense. If you do not have common sense, don't do anything. Do not automate the forum, issue tracker or what-so-ever in any way at all. Scripts which automatically update AutoHotkey are acceptable as long as they are not abused and do not generate excessive bandwidth usage. Reporting ------------------------ 1. If you feel a post needs moderator attention, please use the "Report" button next to the post date at the top. You can then enter details of why you have reported the post. The moderating team will be alerted to the post and will deal with it as soon as they can. 2. If you suspect a EULA violation, do not expect the moderating team to do all the work - please provide some evidence in the report, such as a copy of (or link to) the EULA violation in question, as well as the section you believe has been violated. 3. Please do not enter into an argument with the original poster - that is why we have moderators.