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The AutoHotkey Foundation

The Name

The name AutoHotkey Foundation LLC comes directly from the name of the software AutoHotkey. It is a non-profit LLC (Limited Liability Company) founded for this software.
Here is the Certificate of Organization.

Our Purpose

The AutoHotkey Foundation LLC was founded on April 24th 2014 in Indiana, USA. It was created in order to prevent monetization, ensure the continuing existence of the software AutoHotkey and naturally, continue the support for it. This foundation provides organizational, legal, and financial support for this software. It is a volunteer organization created by the community, for the community.

Who manages it?

The foundation's managers are Charlie Simmons (tank), Steve Gray (Lexikos) and Joachim de Fourestier (joedf) with guidance from Chris Mallett (the creator of the software AutoHotkey).

Our Mission

The tenets of this project will not change. We have and will continue to filter obvious wrongdoing. That said, we are not to be held responsible for any misuse. We shall not be financially liable for any misdeed. An LLC also serves to separate person from entity. Consider the following example: violating a license is not a criminal matter but there could be legal concerns if we appeared to have supported it. As such, the AutoHotkey Foundation LLC is not to be held responsible for any misuse of this product.

Many users were unhappy with the forum software changes and site administration policies, and when these opinions were voiced, entire threads were deleted as well as moderators were getting stripped of their privileges. Finally, we came here ( and contacted Chris for his approval of creating a foundation. Here is a quote:

Having a real organization, especially a legal entity, would be quite an achievement. I'm glad you've done some preliminary research into it because it's far beyond anything I have any knowledge of. My response to your proposal is that as long as I wouldn't be responsible for the legal aspects or any other part of maintaining the organization (keeping it going), I wouldn't mind having some kind of guiding/suggesting position just the way you described, with some emergency authority in case things ever departed radically from the original spirit of the project (such as moving toward commercialization or bundling third-party, disreputable software with AutoHotkey).

We want a free and open, unaffiliated community that is transparent and respectful to all fellow users and developers. Here is our mission statement:

Our History

You may read about it in detail here:


We are and will always be a volunteer organization. No one that is part of this will collect salary or fee. In the interest of staying with Chris's wish to not monetize AutoHotkey, from time to time we may need to open up and allow donations. Please note contributions are not only monetary. You may also contribute by developing code, submitting a bug fix, improving the documentation, helping other members, or even just filling a bug report. All funds or donations collected should and will be given to support this foundation and not to elicit any favour or rank.

You may donate through PayPal here.

Contact information

For any concerns, issues or any other problems, it is suggested to try the support forum first. If the subject matter is specifically about the foundation or its resources, you may also contact support (support[at]