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Basic MMO Fight Routine -- One Approach to Mob Extinction

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Read the code. Everything is explained in there. I've tried to keep
this as simple as possible while still making it a complete working
It was tested in my own machine as it stands now. Any changes you make
will be your responsibility to fix. Like any good programming practice
make sure you save your code before you make any permanent changes.
That way you can go back to your previous working version if the new
version craps out. Everything you need for a basic fight routine is
in there.

The universe is a wondrous place! The faster you create unbreakable code, the faster the universe creates people that can break it. All scripting follows the rule Rule Of Twos -- 1) Good, 2) Fast 3) Cheap -- pick any Two.
I guarantee absolutely nothing about any code I provide except that it works in my machine. ‚óŹ
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I just wanned to say that you do a great jobb with helping others in the Forum :D
i always learn something new when i read your posts, your very talanted and very helpfull and detailed :)


stay cool

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thanks for the good post,can you help run autohotkey as a beginner,need to it for i-ding gears, the tutorial confuses me i need a straight forward approach,thank you in advance


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thank you sir that was really help full.