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Using AHK in Runescape (Begginers Guide)(Video)

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Want to get my tut out there for begginers and for anyone wanting to know uses for runescape!



Hope this helps some people!


Any questions would prefer to ask on comments on YT I don't check these boards often!

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Nice tutorial. I also use AutoHotKey to macro for Runescape and its cool to see that others are too. But just a bit of advice to avoid being banned - I could see that on your script you had your mouse moving to a specific co-ordinate on the screen every time. This is easily detectable as it is not human-like to click on the same exact pixel of your screen everytime, so try to randomize your co-ordinates within a specific boxed region for the item or whatever it is you are clicking on.

EDIT: Try to sound more lively for your videos  ;)