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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve and promote AutoHotkey the following planned changes will be gradually rolled out as they are developed.

A new website

The main site has been redesigned with a modern look which will hopefully appeal to new first time visitors. It has been tested down to IE6 and supports printer-friendly CSS. Over time it will be further tweaked to better support mobile browsers.

Google search

The previous search box has been replaced with a custom Google search engine. So far this has been well-received with many users reporting more relevant results. Additional options can be selected to refine your query to the documentation or forums.


The Wiki has been put into retirement after it became apparent that it was not helpful to users. However there will instead be updates to the forum and documentation pages (see below).

Forum upgrades

The forums have been upgraded to the latest phpBB software which features improved searching among other benefits.


Many users recognise the outstanding work done by Chris on the AutoHotkey documentation. Like the main site, the documentation pages will see a new theme with advanced HTML5 features to make it the ultimate reference tool for anyone exploring the language. Among the planned changes, every page will include support for user-submitted comments and the main text will be turned into an editable wiki.

AutoHotkey Basic

AutoHotkey Basic is now just AutoHotkey. The downloads only feature this version. Since this is a controversial topic please direct all concerns about this change to sumon's AHK_L thread.

Going social

We will be expanding our social presence on GitHub, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Watch this space for more updates.

Getting involved

Your comments and feedback are always welcome.