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iWB2 Learner (iWebBrowser2)

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>>> Download iWB2 Learner: 32bit / 64bit <<< Hosted on AHKSCRIPT.ORG

source code

iWB2 Learner is a tool for gathering information about Internet Explorer webpages. Even though several users provided input in this project (original thread), I must credit Sean for his code here, which iWB2 Learner is built around.

Important FYI

  • use iWB2 Learner on Internet Explorer at 100% zoom.
  • the sourceIndex of elements in IE9 may not be reliable (see W3C DOM Compatibility). Note that this may affect the calculated index of the element in it's tagName collection (number next to the tagName in the WinTitle).

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When I run the script from AHK_L, it encounter an error which shows "iWB2 Learner.ahk (141) : ==> Declaration conflicts with existing var.
Specifically: IID_IHTMLWindow2 := "{332C4427-26CB-11D0-B483-00C04FD90119}"".

But when I run the executive file , there is nothing abnormal. I'm confused!

Please give me a hand, thanks in advance!

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Thanks for posting a new link Jethrow. I think it definately deserves a fresh thread especially since i have done nothing with the origional in like 2 years :(. and in my oppinion your rewrite is more functionally useful than the old one we all worked on. I have in truth not used anything but this version for quite a while
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First, many thanks for trying to revive this project!!!

Second, I'm trying to use the code and it's not working for AHK_L.
One error I solved by moving that static declaration of IID_IHTMLWindow2 before it is first used.
I'm not clear on how to solve the next one- Query_Service is unknown to me.
Also, the Acc Library is required, which should be mentioned.


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The link to Download iWB2 Learner gives me a 404, as does the link to the source code

Is there anywhere else I can find it?

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Also looking for this, but getting 404 error from Dropbox.

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You can find iWB2 Learner here.

My Scripts are written for the latest released version of AutoHotkey.

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Thank you rbrtryn!

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I don't mean to necropost, but I am having trouble with iwb. At home, it works perfectly, but at work, the red boxes don't line up with the webpage, making it hard to identify elements. Any known solution?


Edit: And nevermind. It was the zoom setting. I run my IE windows zoomed to 110%, and that appears to throw things off.

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If your still interested in using the code with AHK_L I've found that to get the .ahk file to work you need to:

  • move static IID_IWebBrowserApp := "{0002DF05-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}", IID_IHTMLWindow2 := "{332C4427-26CB-11D0-B483-00C04FD90119}"(as you mentioned)
  • put the file Query.ahk in Lib folder can be found at github here
  • put file Anchor.ahk in Lib folder can be found on github here

I read somewhere that Query.ahk is no longer needed and ComObjQuery() can now be used but I don't know enough to change the iWB2 Learner script

My script runs in A_AhkVersion:=, get the latest version at http://ahkscript.org/download/

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Read the documentation: http://ahkscript.org.../AutoHotkey.htm

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jethrow, any chance you could look into why the Learner only seems to work properly at 100% zoom?

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Hi jethrow et al,


I would like to know if I could incorporate  iWB2 Learner exe or maybe the script into my exe program.


Can I rename the exe to myprognameWebpageViewer.exe  for example?


Can I FileInstall it, and run it from my icon menu?


I would be interested in adding a feature that would display the Screen's x,y  (not window) coordinates.  


How can I provide any proper credit necessary to the author(s), in the program?




ps: Please PM me if you wish to talk in private on this.

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I can't make iWB2 Learner to work.

I'm new on this and I'm trying to gather information about some elements on a web page.


I'm using IE11 and when I run iWB2 Learner the window opens but nothing happens, no matter what page I open or element I click.


Any help for this?



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Have you tried running iWB2 learner as admin?

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