[function] BarChart

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Learning one
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[function] BarChart

26 Dec 2015, 14:38

Continued from old BarChart thread.
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Joe Glines
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Re: [function] BarChart

03 Jan 2016, 21:46

@Learning one. I still think this is awesome! Thank you for your previous work! :bravo:

I was wondering how hard would it be to throw in some code to have
1) An axis showing numbers
2)Gridlines at the above mentioned numbers

Here is a simple example what I'm referring to
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Re: [function] BarChart

31 Oct 2017, 07:52

where can you download the code for the BarChart library?
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Re: [function] BarChart

25 Dec 2017, 19:28

concepter wrote:where can you download the code for the BarChart library?
It would be great, if someone could provide a copy of this function/library.
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Re: [function] BarChart

25 Dec 2017, 20:17

I have a copy of it here.
(647.22 KiB) Downloaded 543 times
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Re: [function] BarChart

25 Dec 2017, 21:10

Alguimist wrote:I have a copy of it here.
Oh, thanks a lot. I appreciate it.
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Re: [function] BarChart

26 Dec 2017, 14:25

Thanks for the BarChart library download, Alguimist!
And thanks to @Learning one for writing it, of course :)
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Re: [function] BarChart

25 Mar 2022, 13:37


I updated this version of BarChart.

=Change log=
-- v1.2 - vendredi 25 mars 2022
-- added options: MaxPercentValue, AutoCalculateHeight, BarHeight
-- set AutoCalculateHeight=1 to have the function automatically calculate
the size of th returned bitmap
-- BgrStyle=1 = gradient background
BgrStyle=2 = hatch background
BgrStyle=3 = simple solid colored background
BgrStyle=0 = default [combined 1 and 2]

-- changed: -- if TextSize=0 no labels or values are displayed for the bars
-- ChartData is only accepting arrays
-- LabelsData -- new parameter to set the text labels for the bars
-- one can set BarColorDirection=2, to draw bars with a simple color
-- set BarColorDirection=3 to draw bars with a simple/solid color and peaks; set BarPeaksColor

(92.39 KiB) Downloaded 124 times
Best regards, Marius.
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