OS X Like - Windows with MAC keyboard

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OS X Like - Windows with MAC keyboard

29 Dec 2015, 13:16

Hello, i have it for years, and maybe someone will find it usefull.

You need PC with Windows (I have currently 10, but it worked on 8 and 7 too).
Mac USB Keyboard.

It feels like write on MAC ... its same and it works fine.

You need: SharpKeys -> and map one key like this:
; - LWin -> RCtrl (we will use it like a command key, but most of functions on windows, like copy&paste, etc. Are on ctrl ... like on mac on CMD ... when You try remap every combination with AutoHotkey, it does NOT work well this is better)

And my Autohotkey.ahk is (which you have to run as admin on computer start)

Code: Select all

; Alt tab for windows with CMD key
RCtrl & `::ShiftAltTab
RAlt & `::ShiftAltTab
RCtrl & Tab::AltTab

; open Windows start with shortcut for Finder
RCtrl & Space::Send {RCtrl up}{LWin}

; Tab back with special key below ESC
LCtrl & `::Send {Shift down}{LCtrl down}{Tab}{LCtrl up}{Shift up}
LAlt & `::Send {Shift down}{LCtrl down}{Tab}{LCtrl up}{Shift up}

; F3 (expose key) = Widnows 10 expose
F3::Send {LWin down}{Tab}{LWin up}

; Windos 10 - plochy: CMD + Option + Left/Right
#If GetKeyState("RCtrl", "D")

    LAlt & Left::Send {RWin down}{RCtrl down}{Left}{RCtrl up}{RWin up}
    LAlt & Right::Send {RWin down}{RCtrl down}{Right}{RCtrl up}{RWin up}


; Option + tab = Ctrl + Tab
!Tab::Send {LCtrl down}{Tab}{LCtrl up}
!+Tab::Send {Shift down}{LCtrl down}{Tab}{LCtrl up}{Shift up}

;Command-backspace deletes whole line
RCtrl & BS::Send {LShift down}{Home}{LShift Up}{Del}

;alt-delete deletes previous word
!BS::Send {LShift down}{LCtrl down}{Left}{LShift Up}{Lctrl up}{Del}

; Navigation of smaller chunks (skip word)
!Left::Send {ctrl down}{Left}{ctrl up}

LAlt & Left::Send {ctrl down}{Left}{ctrl up}
!Right::Send {ctrl down}{Right}{ctrl up}
LAlt & Right::Send {ctrl down}{Right}{ctrl up}

; Navigation using of bigger chunks (Skip to start/end of line/paragraph/document)
^Left::Send {Home}
^Right::Send {End}
!Up::Send {ctrl down}{Up}{ctrl up}
!Down::Send {ctrl down}{Down}{ctrl up}
^Up::Send {Lctrl down}{Home}{Lctrl up}
^Down::Send {Lctrl down}{End}{Lctrl up}

; Selection (uses a combination of the above with shift)
<!+Left::Send {ctrl down}{shift down}{Left}{shift up}{ctrl up}
<!+Right::Send {ctrl down}{shift down}{Right}{shift up}{ctrl up}
^+Left::Send {shift down}{Home}}{shift up}
^+Right::Send {shift down}{End}}{shift up}
!+Up::Send {ctrl down}{shift down}{Up}}{shift up}{ctrl up}
!+Down::Send {ctrl down}{shift down}{Down}}{shift up}{ctrl up}
^+Up::Send {Lctrl down}{shift down}{Home}}{shift up}{Lctrl up}
^+Down::Send {Lctrl down}{shift down}{End}}{shift up}{Lctrl up}
; small selection
!+Left::Send {ctrl down}{shift down}{Left}{shift up}{ctrl up}
!+Right::Send {ctrl down}{shift down}{Right}{shift up}{ctrl up}
#If GetKeyState("LAlt", "D")
    LShift & Left::Send {ctrl down}{shift down}{Left}{shift up}{ctrl up}
    LShift & Right::Send {ctrl down}{shift down}{Right}{shift up}{ctrl up}

;Closing windows and programs (using the Win Key)
RCtrl & w::Send ^{F4}
RCtrl & q::Send !{F4}

Hope some of You will like it ... for me its almost life saving.

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