AutoHotkey Snippit Releaed

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AutoHotkey Snippit Releaed

17 Feb 2017, 00:36

Announcing the release of a new AutoHotkey tool AutoHotkey Snippit.

AutoHotkey Snippit is a tool that can do many complex related task that AutoHotkey is well suited at doing.
The goal of AutoHotkey Snippit is to make it simple to have flexible ways to have, create, share and switch profiles for easy workflow.

AutoHotkey Snippit has the ability to quickly insert templates into any project that your are working on.

AutoHotkey Snippit can be use to set up macros for to accomplish more repetitive tasks in a much faster time. When I was writing Mini-Framework this tool literally saved me hundreds of hours.

The project can be found on GitHub

The Online Help is located here.

AutoHotkey Snippit can also aid in writing Mini-Framework and AutoHotkey code.

Templates can be created and shared among users for just about anything.

There is HotList Editor that gives you quick access to all your shortcut key, Plugin, Profiles and much more.

The HotList Editor make it quick to switch profiles or find the hotkey you can't currently remember.

See the project home page and the online help for more details information.

The installer can be downloaded here
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AutoHotkey Snippit

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