AHK Chat Auto Message v1.0

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AHK Chat Auto Message v1.0

18 Sep 2018, 03:49

AHK Chat Auto Message v1.0 (https://autohotkey.com/)
Mainly for trading in Warframe, can be tweaked, this script will send your message in chat every x seconds, toggle button, custom delay!

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F1:: ; button which starts/stops the script

Toggler := !Toggler
SetTimer, Action, % (Toggler) ? 130000 : "off"  ; time before sending a message

Send <Message> ; your message goes here (180 symbols max.)

random, delay, 100, 500 ; randomized time between messages
sleep, %delay%

Send {Enter} ; button used for sending the message
I am also looking to develop it a bit more and allow for it to work in background which is taking me a bit unexpectedly using ahk_id for Warframe seems to not work as intended for some reason, probably because I am doing something wrong here.

I add this part of the code to the top of this little script and it should activate process window named Warframe before executing the rest of the script but it's completely ignored.

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