test lab - quick code testing using a single hotkey

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test lab - quick code testing using a single hotkey

04 Jul 2019, 04:44

the idea behind test lab is to take some of the friction out of writing scripts by letting you use a single hotkey to quickly test out your changes. normally this process requires 3 hotkeys:

1: ctrl + s to save your changes
2: a hotkey to reload the script
3: another hotkey to run your code

these arent exactly a lot of effort on their own, but when you are making lots of changes it can start to get tedious after a while, so this script lets you avoid that by doing it all in one go.
(its maybe similar to running code through a piped buffer, except functions in the Lib folders will work ...or maybe i dont know how to use the piped buffer thing properly. i only have experience using through the autohotkey sublime text package)

https://github.com/davebrny/test-lab - (zip download)

see the github readme for more usage instructions and settings. the short and sweet version:
there are 10 labs to work with in total, which correspond to the 0-9 number keys. alt + "number" shows a menu of labels that can be run from the current file and ctrl + "number" lets you run whichever label is set as default. (for test lab to work at all you need to be able to get the path of the current file from your editor's window title)

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