Script Share: don't accidently flip/rotate monitors

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Script Share: don't accidently flip/rotate monitors

09 Sep 2020, 09:21

During the stay at home, I've been using Windows Remote desktop in full screen a lot more. I also use Windows 10's virtual desktop to run a few apps locally (like my music), I would often CTRL + ALT + Home (^!Home) to escape the key capture then CTRL + Win + Right (^#Right) to switch to my other desktop

But, I kept hitting that too fast/tripping such that Windows would decide I wanted to rotate the monitor I had my mouse on (CTRL + ALT + Right).

This script blocks ^!Right and ^!Left from triggering a screen rotation, so that when I actually want to rotate a monitor, I would exit the script or go into settings, but not fumble over those keys normally. ... on1=Custom

(Yes, I did look online for why ^!Up wasn't resetting my monitor, only thing I came up with was it could be disabled in Group Policy Editor, but this is not a pro version of Windows, so I don't have access to that...)

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