iWB Learner Source

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iWB Learner Source

17 Feb 2017, 06:43

Does anybody have iWB Learner Source?
https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/8425 ... bbrowser2/
Link here is dead.
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Re: iWB Learner Source

17 Feb 2017, 17:01

Just a tip in case you get burned by it like I did by missing the following tip:

Kon writes (Note: there is a syntax error: an extra ) on line 547)
Originally "TV_GetDiffCount(p1, p2)) {"
Should be "TV_GetDiffCount(p1, p2) {" ;no quotes, of course :)

Also required:
Acc Library: https://github.com/Drugoy/Autohotkey-sc ... es/Acc.ahk
Anchor: https://github.com/polyethene/AutoHotke ... Anchor.ahk

In my setup I put the Acc and Anchor libs in the script directory, so at the top I added

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#INCLUDE %A_ScriptDir%\Anchor.ahk
#INCLUDE %A_ScriptDir%\Acc.ahk
But I suppose a lot of people may add

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#INCLUDE <Anchor>
If these are in their LIB directory.

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