GUI POPUP to enter type-in shortcuts

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GUI POPUP to enter type-in shortcuts

12 Mar 2018, 13:52

Hi Everyone -

I've been using AHK for an year. So far i have been using only to do certain actions using keyboard shortcuts example: auto-type signature in email etc.
However, i want to find out if there a way to launch a popup window upon a quick launch keyboard shortcut and within popup i should be able type my shortcut keywords.
For example: Open Google, Open Chrome, Open gotomeeting etc.

Please advise if there a way.

Thanks & Appreciate your help.
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Re: GUI POPUP to enter type-in shortcuts

12 Mar 2018, 17:43

On my mobile note so sorry for typos.

You can something like this

Code: Select all

GUI, add, edit, w300 vProgramToRun
GUI, add, button, default hidden gOK, Ok
GUI, show, autosize,Run command

If (ProgramToRun = "Notepad")
Run notepad.exe

If (ProgramToRun = "chrome")
Run c:\pathToChrome

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