Help Selecting Calendar Dates Based on Current Date

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Help Selecting Calendar Dates Based on Current Date

20 Jan 2019, 18:06


I am a total NOOB to AHK (nor do I have any real background with coding in general...aside from some simple html and css from several years back) and am trying to create a script that will automatically download timelog entries for my team through our online project management database (Wrike). I've used some simple x/y coordinate commands to click my way through to the point where a calendar appears in which I can specify the dates to download our timelog data. At this point, though, I need to use the current date to determine which dates to select in the calendar, and then select those dates. I am stumped here.

I've created a Word document with a summary of what I want to do (see link below). What commands might I explore to find a way to accomplish this?

Thank you!


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