[CSGO] Spin Script

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[CSGO] Spin Script

02 Jul 2019, 11:56

Hey! I would like a script that spins (left - right, doesn't really matter) when i press a key. The spin must be fast ---> something like this --->https www.youtube.com/watch?v=6an_sHifskA&feature=youtu.be Broken Link for safety
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Re: [CSGO] Spin Script

02 Jul 2019, 14:44

Please use at least 5 mint when going into a new forum to establish yourself with where post goes
this should have been in the game script sub section

and please use at least 5 minutes to go through basic tutorials

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Re: [CSGO] Spin Script

02 Jul 2019, 15:25

To go with what SvenBent said, try yourself and see what you can do, if you have questions feel free to ask, but depending on who looks at this they may not be willing to help you.
The biggest reason is that doing a 180° spin could be considered cheating in a way. It may look like a person has moved their mouse, but in reality some only pressed a single button to move their character. Think of it being the same as a script that does a "bunny hop" (which can be hard to do) and have the script automatically perform it perfectly every time. With your situation, someone could be behind you and the script turns you around very quickly (giving you an advantage as they didn't expect you to turn so fast).
Anyways the only thing I can really add to this post is look at Mousemove first https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/MouseMove.htm

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