"Keyless" Script; Teaming Up RadialMenu and AHK for Gestures. Find What's Wrong...

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"Keyless" Script; Teaming Up RadialMenu and AHK for Gestures. Find What's Wrong...

21 Oct 2019, 11:58

Radial Menu is cool, but would be greatly improved if double clicks were able to be triggers for commands (instead of single clicks that perhaps need to be kept as default).

Since yesterday I've been trying to use the hotkeyless eraser button to perhaps pair up with AutoKey and execute a double click action (The newer Snip Tool shortcut, in this case). Doing your writing, drawing, homework, et. al. with no keyboard around on a Surface-like device is what would make this pairing immensely useful if there are no other solutions.

"Button 3" is what gets response from the eraser button click that I cant get AHK to record.

So I've gotten Button 3 to Trigger OPENING an AHK file. From there, not really sure what the choices are to TRIGGER #{Shift}^S in a way that it's not triggered by the 1st eraser press, but instead a 2nd quick press.

How about recording and saving the time data [when the eraser button opens the file, then subtracting the later time from the earlier time, then triggering the Snip Tool action if the time has been within a second or 2?

That's what this code below has tried to do, but I've had errors abound with it not doing the action and opening continual AHK files. Can a script that's clicked to open be automatically ran without there being a hotkey trigger? Hope 1 of you pros can at least find the things that this script doesn't do correctly, if you are unsure of the solution altogether.

Thanks in Advance!!

Code: Select all

#SingleInstance Force


        Addend := 1
	Counter1 := 0

        IniRead, Counter1, C:\Temp\ClickCount.ini, EraserClicks, Key1

	Counter := Counter1 + Addend

	IniRead, T1, C:\Temp\TimeOne.ini, TimeStamps, Key2
	TDiff := A_Now
	EnvSub, TDiff, T1, Seconds

      IfLess, TDiff, 2 
			IfEqual Counter, 2
				Send {Shift}#S
				Sleep 30
			IniWrite, 0, C:\Temp\ClickCount.ini, EraserClicks, Key1

				Counter := 0



	IniWrite, Counter, C:\Temp\ClickCount.ini, EraserClicks, Key1

	FileGetTime, T2, C:\Temp\TimeOne.ini, A
	IniWrite, T2, C:\Temp\TimeOne.ini, TimeStamps, Key2

	Counter := 0
	Quit: ExitApp

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