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Re: v2-thoughts Discussion

11 Jun 2017, 14:06

Due to If (TRUE), MsgBox() shows an error, If (TRUE) {MsgBox(1), MsgBox(2)} would be fine. Or am I missing something?...
BTW, Good job ;)
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Re: v2-thoughts Discussion

21 Jun 2017, 22:33

Once again, this topic is not for general discussion of v2 or help requests. There are whole forums for that.

I have split this post into its own topic (which could just as appropriately have been posted in Ask for Help).
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Re: v2-thoughts Discussion

27 Sep 2019, 07:22

AHK v1.30 will still maintained or dead when v2 will released ?
Too many changes breaks my programs

Personnally I don't care of changes on Object v2... Object work fine in v1.1.31, AHK v1.1.* work fine
The most important is to implement Gui object in v1 and change syntax to remove % on method such as MsgBox % ...

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