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28 Sep 2019, 08:12

Added Switch.
Added InputHook.
Added Locale option for InputBox to enable locale-specific button names. [PR #143 from Ragnar-F]
Improved support for long paths (see "long paths" in the help index).

General hotkey improvements:
  • Improved support for overlapping hotkeys like <^a and ^a with #If. If all variants of a hotkey are disabled by #If, a more general hotkey may be triggered. In other words, disabling the hotkeys with #If should now behave more like turning them off or removing them from the script.
  • Improved detection of incorrect modifier key state by the hook.
  • Fixed wildcard hotkey selection to ignore modifier changes made by Send.
AltGr bug-fixes:
  • Fixed hotkeys misfiring after Send xy where x requires AltGr.
  • Fixed an unnecessary LCtrl being sent after Send x where x requires AltGr.
  • Fixed AltGr detection on Unicode 32-bit builds when OS is 64-bit.
  • Fixed sending of AltGr combinations while RCtrl is down.
Shift-numpad bug-fixes:
  • Fixed interaction between Send and Shift-numpad causing Shift to stick. This fixes intermittent issues with hotkeys like Numpad1::Send +1.
  • Optimized detection of fake Shift generated by system numpad handling.
  • Fixed fake RShift being considered physical, inconsistent with LShift.
Fixed Slider +TickInterval to take effect even if Range is not set.
Fixed Slider +TickInterval0 to set interval to 0, disabling ticks.
Fixed DllCall critical errors to always exit, ignoring OnExit result.
Fixed ExitApp 2 bypassing release of objects in global/static vars.

Fixed menu and GUI events causing CPU-maxing loops in some cases. Specifically, when a modal message loop is running and the script is uninterruptible, menu and GUI event messages were repeatedly re-posted. These are now discarded, as they can't be handled or kept in the queue. This is consistent with hotkeys, etc.

Changed ComObjCreate to use CLSIDFromProgID for non-GUID strings. This fixes ComObjCreate("Microsoft.Windows.ActCtx") and possibly others which aren't in the registry but work with VBScript and JScript.
Posts: 7088
Joined: 30 Sep 2013, 04:07
GitHub: Lexikos


13 Oct 2019, 17:16

Fixed Switch %v%, Case %v% and Throw %v%.
Fixed Case 2,,: to show an error message rather than crash.
Fixed AltTab hotkeys [broken by v1.1.31.00].
Fixed hotstring X option to permit whitespace after ::.
Fixed single-line hotkeys to prohibit multi-line statements such as IF.

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