[Win10] Corsair K95 G1-18 Keys, my setup and how to do it.

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[Win10] Corsair K95 G1-18 Keys, my setup and how to do it.

18 Jan 2019, 16:58

Alright so to preface this, everyone knows about F13-24 unfortunately as most have guessed, that is 12 keys and not 18 there are 6 keys missing here to be able to fully utilize every button on the keyboard.

I am using a North American keyboard, and this should work for anything except for Kanji systems and Japanese Keyboards, if you use either you'll only be able to bind 4 or 5 extra keys (I don't have one so I can't say for certain.

This is the reference I used to find these codes https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previo ... 3dmsdn.10)

Right click your desktop, select New > AutoHotkey Script
Now right click the script and select Edit Script.

Your which key you use to bind all of these buttons is your preference, I used the mute button so my first line started like so:

After the double : is where the fun begins, you simply type in the virtual key code, save the script, double click the script or right click the script and select then Run Script.
After you bind your first key, once you have saved the changes to the script simply go to the system tray and right click your script, and select 'Reload This Script'

Here is the list of keycodes that windows has that are as of yet, unused by the operating system itself:

So to clarify in the script I add the line:

I then save, and reload the script. Go to my keyboard binding software, add key press, press my mute button and Voila! I now am able to bind every single key on my keyboard directly as a key in games, or what I originally did this for, Streamlabs OBS Scene Switching.

I hope this helps someone, I will update if I find anything that does not recognize these key bindings.
EDIT: Streamlabs OBS does not recognize these bindings >_< but using AHK to change the bindings to Shift+F1-12 etc is a workaround. I have an old CH-900020-NA so you can only bind 1 key to one button, this workaround was necessary for me.

Scratch that, don't run Streamlabs OBS in Administrator Mode and it works fine

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