AutoHotkey v2

AutoHotkey v2 aims to improve the usability and convenience of the language and command set by sacrificing backward compatibility. As such, scripts written for v1 generally will not work without changes on v2. The syntax is overall more consistent, with much fewer quirks and traps, and many other improvements have been made.

For details about the differences between v1 and v2, refer to Changes from v1.1 to v2.0.

v2.0 beta 1 was released in July 2021. Changes prior to the final v2.0.0 release should be of a minor nature (such as improvements to the error and warning dialogs), and should not affect the functionality of scripts. In other words, future releases are expected to be backward-compatible.


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Note: Google Safe Browsing sometimes falsely flags the following directory as containing "harmful programs". For more information, see Safe Browsing.

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