AutoHotkey v2

AutoHotkey v2 aims to improve the usability and convenience of the language and command set by sacrificing backward compatibility.

The focus of v2 is on changes that cannot be made in v1 due to backward compatibility. As such, new features which do not require a break in compatibility are outside the scope of v2. Most scripts written for AutoHotkey v1 will require some changes in order to run on AutoHotkey v2.

The current alpha release is usable, but some features, behaviour or syntax may be altered in the next release or future releases.


Current Alpha Release

Note: Google Safe Browsing sometimes falsely flags the following directory as containing "harmful programs". For more information, see Safe Browsing.

All Alpha Releases

Source code is available at GitHub.

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To get up to speed on the current state and direction of v2, refer to the following:

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Currently (as of October 2016) the documentation is usable, but still contains much example code which does not function correctly on v2.

Software License: GNU General Public License.