Changes & New Features

Changes and new features introduced by the v1.1 branch of AutoHotkey development (formerly AutoHotkey_L) are listed below.

For older changes, see Archived Changes. - March 16, 2024

Fixed inability of LWin::Alt to be used to activate some Alt-combos.

Fixed mouse AltTab hotkeys not suppressing execution of a prefix hotkey, such as 1:: for 1 & WheelDown::AltTab. (Broken by v1.1.37.00)

Fixed hook hotkeys not recognizing modifiers which are pressed down by SendInput.

Fixed some issues affecting suppressed Alt/Ctrl/Shift/Win hotkeys, such as:

Fixed A_Clipboard ignoring assignment of pure numeric values.

Fixed SendInput failing to release LCtrl after having released RAlt (if it isn't AltGr).

Fixed new threads being unable to prevent a message check with Critical. - July 8, 2023

Fixed an issue with hotkeys not firing due to a race condition. If a modifier hotkey such as ~*RWin:: called Send or GetKeyState too soon, the OS could report that RWin isn't down, so the hook's modifier state would be "corrected" and hotkeys would wrongly fire or fail to fire. This was likely to occur only if another keyboard hook was installed more recently than the script's own hook, since in that case the OS would not update key state until the other hook's thread has resumed and returned.

Fixed hotstrings to use the Last Found Window set by #If.

Fixed MouseGetPos, ControlClick, ContextMenu Gui events and DropFile Gui events erroneously detecting a control at a specific point which actually lies one pixel below or to the right of the control.

Fixed an issue where any attempt to reinstall the keyboard or mouse hook would fail if the OS had automatically uninstalled the hook. It is still necessary to meet certain conditions before any such attempt can be made. - July 2, 2023

Changed COM method and property calls to pass large integers as VT_I8, not VT_R8 (floating-point), so the original type and precision is retained. Integers in the 32-bit range are still passed as VT_I4.

Added support for two-variable enumerators (for-loops) with IDispatch-wrapped AutoHotkey objects. Both the script invoking the object and the object itself must be running a supported AutoHotkey version.

Added support for ByRef VARIANT in incoming COM calls. Instead of receiving a ComObject wrapper with the VT_BYREF|VT_VARIANT variant type, the script receives a temporary variable compatible with a normal ByRef parameter.

Fixed omitted parameters to receive their default values rather than the "optional argument marker" when an AutoHotkey method is called via IDispatch (COM). The reverse translation was already done when calling COM methods in previous versions.

Fixed VerCompare(a, ">" b) and reduced code size marginally.

Fixed AltTab-related load-time errors to be consistent with other errors.

Fixed errors thrown by a ComObject wrapper not being propagated correctly if it is called via an object/COM.

Fixed the Hotkey GUI control to allow setting the symbols ^, ! and + as hotkeys.

Fixed the Hotkey control to include modifiers when its value is set to a symbol.

Fixed Menu Add overwriting items which were appended by Menu Insert.

Fixed potential misbehaviour of InputHook.KeyOpt() with single chars.

Fixed a bug with custom combos where a set of hotkeys like a & b::, a:: and a up:: would fail to suppress the release of a if a:: alone is disabled with #If.

Fixed a bug where a key-down event is correctly suppressed by a hotkey, but sending an additional key-down with SendLevel > 0 would prevent the subsequent key-up from being suppressed, even if the sent event is ignored due to #InputLevel.

Fixed a & b up:: not suppressing b if a & b:: is present but disabled by #If.

Optimized allocation of cached COM property names for built-in IDispatch.

Refactored code to support a build configuration for AutoHotkey as a DLL. - December 7, 2022

Improved ComObjConnect() to allow detecting disconnect via __Delete.

Fixed a performance issue with command args exceeding 4*1024*1024 chars.

Fixed FileCreateDir with network shares/UNC paths.

Fixed undefined behavior for File.Length/Read() with console buffers. - December 2, 2022

Fixed undefined behaviour for Switch numeric comparisons. - December 1, 2022

Added VerCompare().

Added support for breakpoint exceptions via DBGp.

Extended #Requires to support operators for range checks (< <= > >= =) and additional keywords: Unicode, ANSI, 32-bit, 64-bit.

Added CompanyName to the version information in AutoHotkey.exe, which may work around a Windows 10 bug where the program would not appear in Open With.

Changed Switch/Case to perform non-numeric comparison when the switch or case expression is a lone literal string, such as "00", and documented comparison behaviour which was previously undocumented.

Fixed some inconsistencies with integer property names via IDispatch.

Fixed potential crashes when inspecting a ComObject via DBGp after using ComObjConnect().

Fixed FileAppend to treat a blank Encoding as omitted.

Fixed version comparisons to ignore numeric build info; e.g. (1 is the number of commits since

Fixed FileCreateDir X\Y\ (with trailing slash) failing to create X [broken by v1.1.35.00]. - October 30, 2022

Changed GroupActivate and GroupClose to behave more intuitively:

Contributions by jeeswg (pull requests #186, #235, #240, #249, #273, #274):


Fixed a spelling error in the #Warn Unreachable message.

Fixed FileCreateDir handling of paths containing ".." or "/".

Fixed some issues with FileSelectFile's RootDir\Filename parameter:

Fixed FileSetTime to set A_LastError if it finds no files.

Fixed EnvAdd/+= losing precision when adding 115,292,150,461+ seconds.

Fixed the keyboard hook reinserting a suppressed dead key when Enter is pressed, such as in the sequence `o{Enter} when the following is true:

Fixed ControlGet List "Selected" option repeating output on x64 when the target is 32-bit.

Fixed stack corruption for ControlGet List "Count" options. - August 23, 2022

Fixed callback functions not being included in the debugger's call stack.

Fixed MsgBox timeout reported as "OK" if shown within 100 ms of startup.

Fixed Edit control to ignore +WantTab while +ReadOnly is in effect.

Fixed property_get returning a local var when -d should prevent it.

Fixed RegRead to support REG_MULTI_SZ values containing empty items.

Fixed x[,y]:=z invoking undefined behaviour. - June 5, 2022

Fixed double backspacing of supplementary Unicode characters in hotstrings.

Fixed a:: not firing if a up:: and a & b:: are present.

Fixed MinSize/MaxSize being applied incorrectly before the first call to Gui Show.

Fixed the hook thread getting stuck in an infinite loop if an InputHook has been restarted too soon after being stopped.

Fixed crashes or undefined behaviour when a blank parameter is passed to FileCopy, FileMove, FileCopyDir, FileMoveDir or FileRemoveDir.

Fixed dead keys erroneously being reapplied by the keyboard hook after the final character of a hotstring is suppressed (e.g. for :?*:ò::ó). - May 13, 2022

Fixed bugs introduced by v1.1.34.00: - May 7, 2022

Fixed bugs introduced by v1.1.34.00: - May 5, 2022

Added the capability to use AutoHotkey.exe as the base for compiled scripts, allowing compiled scripts to execute external files when passed the /script command-line switch.

Added the capability to implicitly include code at the top of every script, either by embedding a resource within AutoHotkey.exe or by using the /include command-line switch.

Enabled the use of Menu NoMainWindow/MainWindow in uncompiled scripts.

Changed ~x & y:: to not affect suppression of x when disabled by #If.

Enhanced FileCopyDir to permit the source directory to be a zip file, if supported by the OS, in which case its contents are extracted.

Fixed execution of multiple run-once timers in the same tick [broken by v1.1.33.11].

Fixed ToolTip positioning/sizing bugs.

Optimized ToolTip for cases where the text isn't changing, to reduce flicker and speed it up.

Fixed key-up hotkeys failing to execute if they are turned on after (but not before) the key is pressed down, and that key is also used as a custom prefix key with the tilde prefix (e.g. activating ~a & b:: interferes with a up::).

Fixed custom combo hotkeys where the prefix key causes a hook reset, such as ~RButton & WheelUp:: when RButton:: enables or disables the script's only keyboard hook hotkey. - April 20, 2022

Fixed Format(n) returning blank when n is a pure numeric expression.

Fixed the debugger's inability to query obj.<base>.<base>.

Changed debugger step/breakpoints to slip over Try/Catch/Finally/Case.

Fixed Switch { incorrectly raising a load-time error.

Fixed debugger stack_get reporting incorrect line after OnError.

Fixed debugger stack_get reporting incorrect line for auto-execute thread.

Fixed auto-env retrieval and A_ComVar to safely allow for variables larger than the official limit [PR #259 from mikeblas].

Fixed A_EventInfo for mouse wheel hotkeys [broken by v1.1.33.05].

Fixed ControlClick to convert coordinates correctly for wheel messages.

Fixed the IDispatch implementation for AutoHotkey objects to preserve case for property names.

Fixed #Warn StdOut to default to codepage 0 when /ErrorStdOut is not used.

Fixed crashes when a timer's __delete() meta-function deletes the next timer. - August 29, 2021

Fixed loading of JPG/GIF files which are already open for reading.

Fixed misidentification of digits/xdigits by if-var-is.

Added a safety check for ControlGet Selected in case it is used with a non-Edit control.

Fixed variables being set to NULL in certain rare cases, causing crashes. The only confirmed case being when a string longer than 63 characters is returned from a function and assigned to a variable while AutoHotkey is running as a Windows store app.

Fixed InputHook callbacks failing after input is stopped and restarted. - May 8, 2021

Fixed crash on load when an AltTab action is used in a key-up/down pair.

Fixed garbage error text when the main script file cannot be opened.

Removed "Error at line 0" from error messages which appear before the first line is read.

Fixed focus resetting when a minimized GUI is restored.

Fixed focus not saving when a GUI is minimized with Gui Show. - April 23, 2021

Fixed non-zero SendLevel events erroneously being suppressed in cases not covered by the v1.1.33.07 fix: - April 21, 2021

Fixed tray icon freezing and becoming blurry after screen DPI changes.

Fixed hotkeys disabled by #InputLevel erroneously suppressing keys. - March 14, 2021

Fixed a bug introduced by v1.1.33.05 were certain hotkeys were ignored. This included joystick hotkeys and all hotkeys to which #MaxThreadsBuffer or the B option is applied. - March 10, 2021

Fixed bugs with hotkey variants having different #InputLevels.

Fixed Ctrl/Shift/Alt (without L/R) as hook hotkeys. - March 2, 2021

Removed dependency on the POPCNT instruction, which is not supported by old CPUs (e.g. Core 2). - March 1, 2021

Fixed crashing when an empty SafeArray is enumerated.

Fixed height to not auto-expand for Button/CheckBox/Radio with -Wrap.

Fixed WM_DESTROY bypassing release of objects in global/static vars.

Fixed WinMenuSelectItem second-attempt matching to handle & correctly. Specifically, items with actual text like "a && b" which appear as "a & b" will now match "a & b" instead of "a  b".

Fixed breakpoint on Case/Default line breaking at end of previous case.

Changed SoundBeep to ignore duration if negative, instead of wrapping around to a large positive value.

Fixed mouse hotkeys with ! to mask Alt-up after key-repeat if possible.

Fixed several issues with overlapping hotkeys. - July 17, 2020

Fixed InputHook.EndKey to prefer any vk over sc000.

Fixed InputHook.KeyOpt("{sc000}", flags).

Fixed #Warn Unreachable flagging Case/Default as unreachable. - July 13, 2020

Fixed modifier key-up hotkeys like LShift up:: not suppressing key-up unless a corresponding key-down hotkey is defined.

Fixed icons loaded from DLL/EXE not using the closest matching size if it's first in the icon group [broken by v1.1.33.00].

Fixed a up:: erroneously taking precedence over b & a up:: if a:: is defined but not b & a::.

Fixed b & a up:: not suppressing a when a:: is defined but disabled by #If and b & a:: is not defined. - June 30, 2020

Added #ErrorStdOut Encoding parameter.

Added /ErrorStdOut=Encoding command line switch.

Added #Warn Unreachable (warning mode).

Added #Requires AutoHotkey vVersion (directive).

Added detection of program-terminating SEH exceptions, to display an error dialog.

Implemented numerous improvements to Ahk2Exe developed by fincs, TAC109, Joe DF, and Ben Allred.

Fixed Send causing unwanted hotkey buffering.

Fixed a possible bug where Input causes undefined behaviour. [PR #159 from Helgef]

Fixed WinKill to actually do more than WinClose.

Fixed A_WinDir to always return the system Windows directory.

Fixed FileGetShortcut/FileCreateShortcut to not increment/decrement negative icon indices (resource IDs).

Fixed InputBox Locale option to not focus the Cancel button.

Fixed menu bar keyboard shortcuts not working when GUI has no controls.

Fixed LoadPicture to use 256x256 graphic when available in a DLL/EXE.

Fixed DBGp stderr copy mode to not suppress error dialogs.

Fixed ControlGet Line setting ErrorLevel=1 when line is just empty. - November 24, 2019

Changed commands and functions with a WinTitle parameter to treat cloaked windows as hidden.

Added support for reverse PixelSearch in fast mode. [PR #156 from changyuheng]

Added InputHook OnKeyUp callback.

Fixed GroupDeactivate to exclude the Desktop on Windows 10 (and possibly 8).

Fixed Switch treating strings as always true.

Fixed A_PriorKey being blank after Unicode characters are sent.

Fixed WinActivate to not assume NULL foreground window == taskbar.

Fixed Send {Del} not restoring AltGr after releasing it.

Fixed vk13 and sc045 as remap destination keys.

Removed unnecessary checks for Control and Sleep in one-line hotkeys.

Removed obsolete Windows 9x/NT4 support code and performed other maintenance. - October 14, 2019

Fixed Switch %v%, Case %v% and Throw %v%.

Fixed Case 2,,: to show an error message rather than crash.

Fixed AltTab hotkeys [broken by v1.1.31.00].

Fixed hotstring X option to permit whitespace after ::.

Fixed single-line hotkeys to prohibit multi-line statements such as IF. - September 28, 2019

Added Switch.

Added InputHook.

Added Locale option to enable InputBox to use locale-specific button names. [PR #143 from Ragnar-F]

Improved support for long paths.

General hotkey improvements:

AltGr bug-fixes:

Shift-numpad bug-fixes:

Fixed Slider +TickInterval to take effect even if Range is not set.

Fixed Slider +TickInterval0 to set interval to 0, disabling ticks.

Fixed menu and GUI events causing CPU-maxing loops in some cases. Specifically, when a modal message loop is running and the script is uninterruptible, menu and GUI event messages were repeatedly re-posted. These are now discarded, as they can't be handled or kept in the queue. This is consistent with hotkeys, etc.

Fixed DllCall critical errors to always exit, ignoring OnExit result.

Fixed ExitApp 2 bypassing release of objects in global/static vars.

Changed ComObjCreate() to use CLSIDFromProgID for non-GUID strings. This fixes ComObjCreate("Microsoft.Windows.ActCtx") and possibly others which aren't in the registry but work with VBScript and JScript. - April 4, 2019

Fixed debugger context_get triggering #Warn UseUnset.

Fixed straight modifier hotkeys such as Shift:: (broken by v1.1.30.02). - April 1, 2019

Fixed Menu Rename to allow duplicates and no-op/case-only renames.

Fixed X option for Hotstring(). [PR #132 from Helgef]

Fixed __init/__delete causing misleading error line/stack trace.

Fixed #if expressions stalling in Sleep and similar.

Fixed custom combos triggering incorrectly after a custom combo suspends itself. - November 11, 2018

Changed TV_Add/TV_Modify to allow "Bold1" and "Bold0".

Fixed hotkey pairs with non-zero #InputLevel blocking sent events.

Fixed Control Choose to send WM_COMMAND even if the control's ID is 0.

Fixed heap corruption in scripts with keyboard hook but no hotkeys.

Fixed escape sequences in one-line hotstrings with 'X' option.

Fixed `` escape sequence preceding a ; comment flag.

Fixed finally corrupting the value of a pending return.

Fixed MsgBox to detect timeouts even if the thread is interrupted.

Fixed Ahk2Exe to support more built-in variables in #Include. - August 22, 2018

Fixed SendInput/SendPlay to restore DownR/remapped modifiers.

Increased limit of hotkeys per script from 1000 to 32762.

Changed commands which accept On/Off/Toggle to also accept 1/0/-1 (where documented).

Improvements to debugger (DBGp) support: - June 2, 2018

Fixed WinMove crashing the program in some cases [broken by v1.1.29.00].

Fixed Gui x:Default if no Gui has been created [broken by v1.1.29.00]. - May 25, 2018

Added Object.Count() and ObjCount(Object).

Added ObjGetBase(Object) and ObjSetBase(Object, Base).

Added ObjRawGet(Object, Key).

Added OnError(Function [, AddRemove]).

Revised exception handling:

Removed the limits on the number of custom modifiers that can be used with each key.

Changed Send {Text} to avoid toggling CapsLock or waiting for Win+L.

Fixed #Warn ClassOverwrite to not warn for A_Args.

Improved DBGp source command to properly convert between file codepage and UTF-8, and to reduce code size.

Other code size optimizations and trivial maintenance. - April 7, 2018

Fixed Control ChooseString and ControlGet FindString ignoring the first two items.

Fixed Control ChooseString to send WM_COMMAND even if the control's ID is 0.

Fixed WinActivate to restore the active window, as originally intended for [v1.1.20.00]. - March 31, 2018

Fixed Thread treating omitted parameters as 0.

Fixed FileAppend to stderr (**).

Fixed break label being able to jump to an unrelated loop.

Reverted hotstring reset behaviour to pre-v1.1.28.00.

Added Hotstring("Reset") for manually resetting the hotstring recognizer. - February 11, 2018


New features:

Bug fixes: - January 21, 2018

Fixed default size of Gui with +Parent to not be restricted by parent [broken by v1.1.27.05].

Fixed controls not redrawing if a separate Tab control is shown/hidden immediately after the control was invalidated (such as when showing/hiding multiple controls at once). - January 16, 2018

Fixed hotstrings/Input causing stuck dead keys (broken by v1.1.27.05). - January 16, 2018

Fixed visible Input end keys causing any pending dead key to double up.

Fixed hotstrings/Input affecting how Tab/Esc act in a dead key sequence.

Fixed A_IconFile returning an incorrect path if a DLL was used.

Fixed Gui with +Parent to center within the parent GUI vs. the screen.

Fixed Input/hotstring detection of dead key sequences in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

Fixed < & v and > & v being seen as duplicates, and similar cases. This affects custom combinations where the prefix key is also a modifier symbol. This also fixes hotkeys which consist only of modifier symbols and a single trailing space, such as + ::, to be treated as errors rather than ignoring the space (hotkeys do not permit trailing space). - January 10, 2018

Fixed #Warn ClassOverwrite giving erroneous warnings. - January 6, 2018

Improved Menu x, NoStandard and Menu x, DeleteAll to work without attempting to destroy the underlying Win32 menu. This allows them to work when x is a menu bar or submenu of one.

Reworked the handling of vkXXscYYY:

Fixed mishandling of numeric keys outside the 32-bit range (but inside the 64-bit range) in some corner cases on 64-bit builds. This only affects classes which use such numbers as names (not recommended for multiple reasons) and array access via IDispatch with such numbers as keys/member names. - January 1, 2018

Fixed loading of bmp files as icons at original size.

Fixed compound assignments such as Test.Prop[1] += 1 (broken by v1.1.27.01). - December 31, 2017

Fixed program crashes caused by ++X or --X in scripts which lack #NoEnv (broken by v1.1.27.00).

Fixed #Warn ClassOverwrite giving an erroneous warning for ++MyClass.X.

Fixed remapping to allow custom combinations such as a & b::c.

Fixed Send/hotstrings/Input to adapt to the keyboard layout of the focused control instead of just the active window. In particular, this affects UWP apps such as Microsoft Edge.

Fixed hook hotkeys to suppress the Start menu activation which occurs when an isolated Ctrl/Shift up is received. Ctrl up may be generated by the system when switching from a keyboard layout with AltGr to one without (such as from UK to US), if Ctrl is not held down at the time. This fixes hotkeys such as $#z::WinActivate x when the change in focus causes those conditions.

Fixed Input not collecting characters when both Shift keys are down.

Fixed Input to use "sc" and "vk" for end keys in ErrorLevel rather than "Sc" and "Vk" (caused by v1.1.20).

Fixed GetKeyName/VK/SC("vkXXscYYY") where YYY begins with A-F (broken by v1.1.26). - December 25, 2017


Replaced AU3_Spy.exe with WindowSpy.ahk.

Changed a-z to mean vk41-vk5A when absent from the keyboard layout, except with Raw mode or when sending single unmodified characters. This allows hotkeys and sent keyboard shortcuts to work more intuitively on certain non-English keyboard layouts.

Changed Send on ANSI versions to use SendInput() in place of Alt+nnnnn for special characters.

Changed the rules for masking Alt/Win after pressing a hook hotkey:

The hotkeys ~LWin:: and ~RWin:: no longer suppress the Start Menu. See #MenuMaskKey for details and a workaround.

Added proper validation for vk or sc key names, so names such as "sc01notvalid" are no longer recognized as keys.

Scripts containing hotkeys of the form VKnnSCnnn:: will need to be corrected by removing SCnnn, which was previously ignored.

Help file: Replaced the standard HTML Help Viewer sidebar with the new HTML5 sidebar developed by Ragnar-F.

New features:

Bug fixes: - July 16, 2017

Fixed RegDelete (with no args) failing when A_LoopRegSubKey is blank, such as when enumerating keys directly under the root key.

Fixed RAlt/LAlt:: sometimes failing to prevent menu activation after the user alt-tabs away from a window and reactivates it.

Fixed SC → VK translation for multimedia keys, PrintScreen, CtrlBreak, Pause, LWin and RWin, with the exception that multimedia keys, PrintScreen and CtrlBreak are still translated incorrectly on Windows 2000 and XP.

Fixed VK → SC translation for multimedia keys, CtrlBreak and Pause.

Fixed 'Wait commands such as RunWait to log extra lines for ListLines only when necessary to show that it is still waiting; that is, after resuming from an interruption which logged other lines. - June 10, 2017

Changed the format ListVars uses to display variables containing objects. The object's class name is now shown.

Added "class" and "clsid" modes to ComObjType().

Revised class names shown by the debugger and significantly reduced code size in the process.

Revised FileSetAttrib, FileSetTime and FileDelete to reduce code size. There should not be any changes in behaviour.

Made other minor optimizations to code size.

Fixed GetKeySC() with the key names Esc, Escape, ScrollLock and PrintScreen.

Fixed hotstring word detection of words containing nonspacing marks, such as Arabic diacritics. - May 13, 2017

Fixed GUI option strings being permanently truncated if an error is raised.

Fixed properties and class sub-variables to allow non-ASCII characters.

Fixed new operator to allow __New to throw or exit. - March 5, 2017

Fixed Send to allow other scripts to act on modifier state changes which immediately precede a special character, such as the Shift release in Send Mört. - March 4, 2017

Added Hotkey, If, % FunctionObject.

Fixed website address in Help menu. - February 3, 2017

Fixed WinSet AlwaysOnTop/Trans/TransColor to work on windows with 0 ExStyle. - December 17, 2016

Fixed File.ReadNum() repeating old data if a prior File.Read() had stopped reading at the end of the buffer.

Improved buffer utilisation when File.Read() reaches the end of the buffered data.

Fixed GuiControl +Password to use the default bullet character on XP and later.

Fixed GuiControl +/-Password to redraw the control immediately. - November 19, 2016

Fixed COM exception messages to not end in `r.

Fixed {U+x} to support supplementary characters (x > 0xFFFF).

Fixed class properties which lack get{} to return an empty value instead of the internal Property object when the class has a base which does not define a value for the property. Properties defined in baseless classes already behaved correctly.

Fixed the background color of controls on a Tab3 control when the system has visual styles disabled (i.e. Windows Classic).

Fixed handling of thread-exit in functions which are called directly by an event (such as OnExit functions). This bug had no known effect except in the v2-alpha branch.

Fixed the debugger to detect disconnection immediately (i.e. when a client terminates without calling stop/detach).

Fixed the debugger to treat property_get -m 0 as "unlimited", as per the DBGp spec.

Fixed the debugger to expect base64 for property_set -t integer/float, as per the DBGp spec. - October 13, 2016

Added a Run with UI Access option to the installer.

Added documentation for Tab3 autosizing.

Fixed several Tab3 bugs:

Fixed OnMessage() to pass lParam as unsigned on 32-bit.

Fixed Gui Name : to allow spaces before the colon.

Fixed identifying a Gui or GuiControl by HWND with a negative value.

Fixed ComObject to suppress any errors raised by disconnection of events after the script has released the object.

Fixed Gui Show causing the window to shrink if it had a multi-line menu bar.

Fixed LV_InsertCol(n, width) not causing ListView scrollbar to update on some OS versions.

Optimized code size of FileRecycleEmpty. - August 2, 2016

Changed Hotkey, If, Expression to raise an error if the unused third parameter is not blank.

Fixed &&, || and ternary to release any object used as the condition, as in if (a.subObject && b).

Fixed Gui/GuiControl failing to "check" radio buttons within a Tab3 control.

Fixed FileCreateShortcut to allow relative paths for the LinkFile parameter on Windows 10.

Fixed themed Tab3 control to not override the custom text color of its controls.

Fixed debugger mishandling continuation commands in some specific cases. - May 22, 2016

Breaking changes:

Passing SetTimer's Label parameter an empty variable or an expression which results in an empty value is now considered an error. The parameter must be either given a non-empty value or completely omitted.

Run-once timers are automatically deleted after running if they are associated with an object created by the script. This allows the object to be freed if the script is no longer referencing it, but it also means the timer's Period and Priority are not retained.

SetTimer, Hotkey, GuiControl and Menu now check the minimum parameter count of functions given by reference (not just by name, as in previous versions). If the function requires too many parameters, an error is raised or ErrorLevel is set (as appropriate).

Backward-compatible changes:

If SetTimer's Label parameter is omitted and A_ThisLabel is empty, the current timer (if any) is used.

New features:

Added Tab3 control type, solving a number of issues with Tab controls.


Fixed GuiControl to update controls when adding/deleting tabs. Specifically:

Fixed +Disabled/+Hidden losing effect on controls in a tab.

Fixed disabled tab controls to ignore Ctrl+Tab.

Fixed Gui Tab without parameters to start a new radio group if applicable. Gui Tab with parameters already had this effect. - May 20, 2016

Fixed Menu x, Insert, y, z, % object to use the object, not ignore it.

Fixed Menu x, Add, :item text, % object to use the object, not look for a submenu. - May 15, 2016

Fixed break label crashing the program if nested directly inside its target loop. - March 27, 2016

Fixed InputBox, MsgBox, FileSelectFile and FileSelectFolder sending an unwanted Alt-up if Alt is down. This was due to an error with the Ctrl/Shift workaround added in v1.1.22.01.

Improved the Ctrl/Shift workaround to avoid unnecessarily "masking" the Win key if Ctrl, Shift or Alt is also down. - March 26, 2016

Fixed LV_Modify to support omitting Options, as in LV_Modify(r,, col1). - March 12, 2016

Fixed __Delete meta-functions erroneously suppressing or prematurely re-throwing exceptions, when they are called during exception propagation.

Fixed load-time detection of function calls where a required parameter is blank, as in fn(x,,y). - March 12, 2016

Fixed RegDelete deleting the entire key instead of the default value.

Code maintenance; minor code size improvement. - January 24, 2016

Fixed a theoretical issue with loading scripts from weird/very long paths.

Ahk2Exe: Fixed Unicode in compiled scripts (broken by v1.1.23.00 release). - January 16, 2016

Added Menu Insert sub-command.

Added MenuGetHandle().

Added MenuGetName().

Added menu item options: Radio, Right, Break and BarBreak.

Improved the Menu command to allow identifying items by position: 1&

Added LoadPicture().

Added hicon/hbitmap: syntax for passing handles to commands which normally load an image from file.

Added built-in variables: A_CoordModeToolTip/Pixel/Mouse/Caret/Menu, A_DefaultGui, A_DefaultListView, A_DefaultTreeView, A_KeyDelayPlay, A_KeyDuration/Play, A_MouseDelayPlay, A_SendLevel, A_SendMode and A_StoreCapsLockMode.

Added Ix Hotkey option to set the hotkey variant's input level to x.

Improved Picture control to support BackgroundTrans with icons.

Improved Picture control to reduce flicker when loading large images.

Small optimizations to the menu code and built-in var lookups.

Fixed conversion of menu items to/from separators.

Fixed A_ThisMenuItemPos to support duplicate item names.

Fixed submenus sometimes not being recreated after a menu is deleted.

Fixed AutoHotkeyXXX.exe to launch AutoHotkey.chm, not AutoHotkeyXXX.chm. - November 11, 2015

Fixed some issues with SetTimer Delete. - November 11, 2015

Fixed For-loop to pass control correctly when _NewEnum/Next throws an exception.

Fixed Finally to suspend the pending exception until its body has been evaluated, not just until the first built-in function call.

Fixed load-time detection of invalid jumps from Finally blocks (broken by v1.1.20). - September 27, 2015

Fixed Gui control w-1 and h-1 options failing when DPI is 150+% and the Gui has not applied -DPIScale.

Fixed ~key up hotkeys to not perform an automatic Send {key down}. This was occurring only if the hotkey was turned on after the key was pressed down. - September 13, 2015

Fixed Input and hotstrings to catch Unicode/non-key character events.

Fixed auto-sizing of Edit controls to include the last line if blank.

Fixed handling of out-of-memory in ComObj functions.

Fixed ComObjArray() to ignore excess parameters rather than crashing (only applies to dynamic calls).

Fixed GuiControl to append--not prepend--tabs, as documented.

Fixed XP64 support. - September 10, 2015

Fixed icons which have non-numeric IDs loading with sub-optimal quality.

Fixed Gui Destroy not releasing function objects which were set by the +g option.

Fixed Gui Show to avoid attempting to force-activate a child GUI.

Fixed failure to set Caps/Num/ScrollLock state while the key is down.

Fixed Gui Color causing incorrect text color (usually black).

Changed Gui Show to improve the odds of GuiSize executing immediately.

For developers: - August 19, 2015

Fixed ObjRawSet() to return nothing.

Added Windows 10 supportedOS tag to the exe manifest (avoids some issues with the Program Compatibility Assistant and similar).

Added detection of syntax errors after ")" in a function declaration. - July 12, 2015

Fixed A_EndChar returning a truncated value for Unicode end chars.

Small implementation changes: - May 27, 2015

Fixed TreeView to not raise * events for unknown notifications.

Fixed crashing/bad behaviour when a timer deletes itself.

Fixed RWin-up being masked in some rare cases where LWin-up wouldn't have been. - May 24, 2015

Fixed Text/Edit/Button control sizing to compensate for character overhang.

Fixed registry commands to allow : in the SubKey when combined with RootKey.

Fixed hotkey prioritization to take modifiers into consideration.

Refactored else/try/catch/finally handling to support hotkey::try cmd.

Added a workaround for the script's dialogs acting as though Ctrl or Shift is pressed after they are blocked by the keyboard hook. - May 1, 2015

Added SetErrorMode(SEM_FAILCRITICALERRORS) on program startup to suppress system-level error messages such as "There is no disk in the drive". Calling Drive or DriveGet no longer affects the process' error mode.

Changed MonthCal controls to have tab-stop by default on Vista or later.

Improved ComObjConnect() to use IProvideClassInfo when available.

Fixed some issues with method/property definitions following an end brace on the same line.

Fixed Text/Link control auto-sizing to compensate for the +Border (WS_BORDER) style.

Fixed Break N when Loop is used directly below If/Else/Try/Catch. - April 12, 2015

Fixed detection of naming conflicts between properties and methods. - April 4, 2015

Fixed OnMessage(msg, fnobj, 0) to do nothing if fnobj wasn't previously registered. - April 3, 2015

Fixed StrReplace() to allow ReplaceText to be omitted.

Fixed class variables to allow non-ASCII names. - March 28, 2015

Added Loop, Reg, RootKey[\Key, Mode].

Added Loop, Files, FilePattern [, Mode].

Changed InputVar parameters to allow % expression (except with If commands).

Revised Object methods:

Added Ord() and updated Chr() to support supplementary chars (>0xFFFF).

Added StrReplace().

Removed the obsolete and undocumented 5-parameter mode of RegRead, which was exclusively for AutoIt v2 compatibility (the extra parameter was unused).

Changed RegRead, RegWrite and RegDelete so that the RootKey and SubKey parameters can optionally be combined. - March 21, 2015

Fixed MouseGetPos (OutputVarControl), GuiContextMenu and GuiDropFiles (A_GuiControl) to not ignore disabled controls [broken by v1.1.20.00]. - March 11, 2015

Fixed add-first mode of OnMessage().

Fixed A_OSVersion for unrecognized OSes on x64 builds.

Fixed ExitApp to unpause the script before releasing objects in case a __delete meta-function is called.

Trivial optimizations and code maintenance. - March 10, 2015

Reverted the changes made in v1.1.20.00 to saving and restoring of ErrorLevel on thread interrupt, due to unintended consequences.

Re-fixed timers sometimes causing ErrorLevel to be formatted as hex.

Fixed class methods to retain a counted reference to the class. - March 8, 2015

New features:

Enhanced Hotkey, Menu, SetTimer, Gui events and Gui control events to accept a function instead of a label, if no label is found.

Enhanced Hotkey, Menu, SetTimer and Gui control events to accept a function object. Added a Delete sub-command for SetTimer to allow the object to be released.

Enhanced OnMessage() to allow any number of functions or function objects to monitor a single message.

Added OnExit() and OnClipboardChange(), which accept a function name or object.

Added capability to point hotkey labels at a function definition.

Added U/L/T modifiers to perform case conversion with Format().

Added the E option to the Input command, for handling end keys by character instead of keycode.

Added ** (stderr) support to FileAppend.

Added ObjBindMethod(obj, method, args*) and Func.Bind(args*).


Changed the default behavior when the main script file is not found:

Changed WinActivate to restore the window if already active but minimized.

Changed WinActivate to look for a visible window to activate if DetectHiddenWindows is off and the active window is hidden, instead of doing nothing.

Changed the method used by A_CaretX/A_CaretY to retrieve the caret position.

Changed A_OSVersion to use RtlGetVersion(), so that it can detect Windows 10 and hopefully future versions.

Changed A_OSVersion to return a version number of the form "" if it doesn't have a name for the OS.

Changed objects to support x[,y], x.y[,z] and x[](y).

Several under-the-hood changes to fix bugs, reduce code size or improve performance, including:


Fixed VK to keyname conversions for keys 'A' to 'Z' to respect layout.

Fixed FileAppend to * (stdout) to respect the encoding parameter instead of always outputting ANSI text.

Fixed auto-sizing of GUIs with only one scrollbar.

Fixed Exception(m, n) crashing when n is too far out of bounds.

Fixed GuiContextMenu to set A_GuiEvent correctly on x64.

Fixed FileGetSize sometimes giving an indeterminate result if the file doesn't exist or can't be opened.

Fixed thread interrupts to save and restore ErrorLevel more fully [reverted in v1.1.20.01 due to unintended consequences].

Fixed ControlClick Pos mode to ignore disabled controls.

Fixed odd behaviour when Gui +MaxSize is smaller than +MinSize.

Fixed GuiControl/Get requiring a Gui name when given a control HWND.

Fixed meta-functions interfering with the line number reported by Exception(). - February 11, 2015

Improved remapping to allow scXXX::Y when the current keyboard layout does not map scXXX to a VK code. However, Y must still exist on the current keyboard layout.

Fixed break n to work correctly when until is present, instead of terminating the thread.

Fixed ControlGetFocus disrupting the user's ability to double-click (thanks HotKeyIt).

Fixed ListView to not call the control's g-label for unsupported (and previously unknown) notifications such as LVN_GETEMPTYMARKUP.

Fixed #Include *i <X> to exit the program as intended if X has a syntax error.

Fixed for var in expression sometimes crashing the program when expression calls a script function. - January 25, 2015

Removed the 16-color icons which were used on Win9x/Win2k.

Removed the separate tray icon resources.

Improved selection of icon size when loading icons from DLL/EXE files.

Fixed some issues with hotkey validation at load time.

Fixed /iLib switch to write the file even if there's a syntax error.

Fixed return/break/continue/goto in try..finally. - January 5, 2015

Fixed Hotkey command crashing the program when trying to create new variants of existing hotkeys (broken by v1.1.19.00).

Made some minor optimizations to the Hotkey command and A_TimeIdle, relating to removal of Win9x support. - January 4, 2015

Added a name for Func.Call(). Func.() still works but is deprecated.

Fixed some issues with X.Y and X.Y(Z) in VBScript/JScript/C#:

Fixed the Hotkey command ignoring the ~ (pass-through) prefix if Label was omitted.

Fixed the Hotkey command ignoring the $ (use-hook) prefix if the hotkey variant was already created without $.

Fixed %Fn%() syntax to work with JavaScript Function objects.

Fixed EXE manifest to disable UAC installer detection heuristics (broken by v1.1.17).

Improved the way threads are represented on the debugger's call stack. - December 30, 2014

Improved IDispatch implementation for AutoHotkey objects:

Added support for creating new properties in JavaScript/IE DOM objects.

Fixed FileAppend, %VarContainingClipboardAll%, File causing crashes. - December 28, 2014

Fixed COM event handlers not receiving the final object parameter. - December 27, 2014

New features:

Added Format().

FileOpen() can now be used to read from stdin or write to stdout or stderr by passing "*" or "**" as the filename. AutoHotkey.exe * can be used to execute script text piped from another process instead of read from file. For an example, see ExecScript().

Added support for passing AutoHotkey objects to COM APIs as IDispatch.

Added support for VT_BYREF in ComObject wrappers. Use obj[] to access the referenced value.


Fixed blue-screening on XP SP2.

Fixed owned ComObjArrays to be returned by value, not by pointer. That is, a copy of the array is returned instead of a pointer to an array which is about to be deleted.

Changed the URL in the sample script which is created when you first run AutoHotkey.

Fixed sc15D to map to vk5D/AppsKey (Send, GetKeyName, etc.).

Fixed Edit controls to not treat AltGr+A as Ctrl+A.

Fixed static class vars to not act as a target for labels which immediately precede the class. - September 28, 2014

Fixed x.y/[]/{} sometimes falsely being flagged as variadic. - September 16, 2014

Fixed a crash which occurred when overwriting a non-writable property.

Fixed a crash which occurred when a RegExMatch object is created with uncaptured subpatterns during a regex callout. - September 11, 2014

Fixed some bad behaviour in Abs() and Mod() caused by a broken bug-fix in v1.1.16.01. - September 11, 2014

Fixed parser to allow #include inside a class (broken by a6ea27f).

Fixed Clipboard returning binary CF_HDROP data in some instances.

Improved accuracy of FileGetSize on files which are still open.

Improved for-loop compatibility with COM objects. - September 10, 2014

Added syntax for defining dynamic properties in classes.

Added x+m and y+m options for Gui control positioning.

Added the #InputLevel of each hotkey to ListHotkeys (when non-zero).

Optimized RegExMatch with the O (object) option; capturing part of a long string is much faster than before in some cases.

Fixed objects to check for new methods after __Call completes (consistent with __Set and __Get).

Fixed some undefined behaviour occurring after VarSetCapacity fails.

Fixed FileRead to correctly report an error with files over 4GB, instead of truncating even when it wasn't requested.

Fixed FileRead *c to null-terminate correctly when byte length is odd.

Fixed some ClipboardAll issues and changed behaviour:

Fixed A_EventInfo for TreeView items with negative screen coords.

Fixed a possible ListView/TreeView message filtering issue.

Fixed A_LineFile/A_LineNumber in #If expressions.

Fixed #If to add itself to ListLines (though as "If").

Fixed Abs(["-"]*) and similar crashing the program.

Fixed } funcdef(){ globally and }} ending a method/property/class. - August 12, 2014

Fixed a performance issue with &var_containing_long_string_of_digits.

Fixed built-in variables corrupting memory when an object is assigned.

Fixed parser to disallow continue where appropriate even if the current function is defined inside a Loop.

Fixed File.Encoding := x "-RAW" breaking encoding/decoding of non-ASCII characters. The -RAW suffix is now ignored. - August 2, 2014

Fixed meta-functions to exit the thread correctly after using Exit or Throw.

Fixed FileInstall to use A_WorkingDir when Dest is relative in a non-compiled script. - July 7, 2014

Fixed debugging negative integer keys in objects. - June 30, 2014

Changed built-in error and warning dialogs to be always-on-top.

Fixed Until not breaking out of recursive file/registry loops. - May 4, 2014

Added A_OSVersion value WIN_8.1.

Changed the Hotkey command to apply/remove passthrough behavior on existing hotkey variants depending on whether the tilde (~) prefix is present.

Changed exe manifest to allow GetVersion/GetVersionEx to detect Windows 8.1. - April 25, 2014

Fixed DllCall() crashing the script when Function is pure integer 0.

Fixed IsFunc("ComObj(") to return false instead of throwing an exception.

Fixed ControlClick to send XButton1/XButton2 correctly. - February 14, 2014

Fixed a memory leak in new X when X.__Init aborts the thread.

Fixed breakpoints shifting onto class var initializers when they are interspersed with method definitions. - January 30, 2014

Fixed x:: and x up:: both firing on key-up if the state of the modifier keys prevented x from firing on key-down. The intended behaviour as of v1.1.14 is for both hotkeys to fire on key-up if x is also used in a custom combination like x & y::. - January 15, 2014

Fixed Try without Catch/Finally crashing if no exception was thrown. - January 15, 2014

Added Finally statement for performing cleanup after try/catch. [fincs]

Changed behaviour of ~ prefix with custom combos to be more intuitive.

Fixed x & y:: to fire both x:: and x up:: when x is released.

Fixed ImageSearch to set ErrorLevel=2, not 0, when a GDI call fails.

Fixed EnvGet crashing the program when the var exceeds 32767 chars.

Fixed a minor error-handling bug with StatusBarWait's ErrorLevel.

Fixed a cause of heap corruption with FileRead *c on ANSI builds.

Fixed passing of local vars in recursive calls to variadic functions.

Fixed script failing to load if the first line is an expression in parentheses.

Fixed PixelSearch Fast mode to set OutputVarX/Y only on success. - October 11, 2013

Fixed variadic function calls with named values for required parameters. - August 27, 2013

Ported StrSplit() from v2 alpha. - August 14, 2013

Optional parameters can be omitted by writing two consecutive commas, as in InStr(a, b,, 2). Unlike previous versions, this now works for objects (including COM objects) and built-in functions. [a,,b] can be used to create a sparse array.

Object properties can now be set using variadic syntax, as in x[y*]:=z, where y contains an array of keys/indices or parameters. - July 28, 2013

Fixed GuiControl/Get to accept the ClassNN of a ComboBox's child Edit. Specifying the HWND of a ComboBox's child Edit was already supported as a means of identifying the ComboBox. - June 25, 2013

Fixed InputBox default width/height (broken by v1.1.11.00 - commit 7373cc6443).

Fixed DllCall arg type validation to handle SYM_OBJECT safely, and to respect #Warn UseUnset (when var name is not a valid type).

Changed VarSetCapacity(var) to never warn about uninitialized vars. - June 21, 2013

Added support for %A_LineFile% in #Include.

Reduced the file size of AutoHotkeySC.bin by reducing the resolution of the (rarely used) filetype icon.

Fixed class X extends Y to allow Y to be defined after X.

Developed by fincs: AutoHotkey is now DPI-aware. The Gui commands automatically compensate when DPI is not 96. See Gui -DPIScale. - May 17, 2013

Improved RegRead to support REG_BINARY values larger than 64K.

Improved RegWrite to support REG_BINARY/REG_MULTI_SZ values larger than 64K.

Fixed Process Close (and possibly other things) on Windows XP. - May 11, 2013

Added basic support for custom Gui control types.

Revised SoundSet, SoundGet and 'WaveVolume commands to better support Windows Vista and later.

Fixed Run "<file>" <args> to not pass the space as part of the args.

Fixed some issues with reading from console input (CONIN$). - March 14, 2013

Fixed Gui menu accelerator keys not working when the Gui itself (not a control) has focus. - February 9, 2013

Fixed two bugs which affected certain assignments where the target variable contains an unflushed binary number but has zero capacity.

Fixed GuiControl and GuiControlGet acting on the wrong control when given a HWND which does not belong to the current Gui. Instead, the condition is treated as an error.

Fixed OnMessage functions to set A_Gui and A_GuiControl correctly when the target Gui is a child window. - December 24, 2012

Fixed MsgBox to show an error message when given invalid Options, instead of silently exiting the thread.

Fixed syntax errors in class var initializers causing the program to crash without the proper error message. - December 15, 2012

Fixed AND/OR following a multi-statement comma, like ((x, y) and z).

Fixed RegExReplace to support duplicate subpattern names correctly.

Fixed Object.Remove() not freeing string keys.

Fixed base.Invoke() to not depend on dynamic variable resolution. - November 7, 2012

Breaking changes:

Removed .aut file compatibility and #AllowSameLineComments.

Removed undocumented AutoIt v2 commands.

Backward-compatible changes:

Allow optional parameters to be declared with := instead of =, for consistency with variable declarations and expressions.

Allow non-ASCII characters in unquoted keys ({key: x} and obj.key).

Changed name in version info from "AutoHotkey_L" to "AutoHotkey".


Fixed instability caused by warning dialogs appearing part-way through evaluation of a command's args.

Fixed PixelSearch Fast mode treating "not found" as an error.

Fixed ahk_exe to allow other ahk_ criteria after it.

Fixed else continue 2 and similar requiring braces around the loop.

Fixed RegRead indicating failure after successfully reading binary data.

Fixed File.Length to compensate for or flush any buffered data.

Fixed Gui sizing to account for scrollbars when present.


Added support for asynchronous commands.

Improved handling of breakpoints on lines like else foo() or { bar() so that the debugger will actually break when appropriate.

Optimized code size, fixed several bugs and made the debugger generally more robust. - August 3, 2012

Debugger: Fixed max_depth being either half the intended limit or unlimited. - July 14, 2012

Breaking changes:

Changed the default script codepage to ANSI, as the previous behaviour was a common source of confusion. UTF-8 files must now have a byte order mark (BOM) to be recognized correctly. Notepad adds a BOM to any file saved as UTF-8.

Changed return x to preserve formatting of numeric strings; it is now equivalent to return (x).

Changed Gui, Name: New to set the new GUI as the default.

Other changes:

Changed ClipboardAll to prefer CF_UNICODETEXT over other text formats.

Changed Gui Show to allow floating-point numbers.

Changed A_OSVersion to return WIN_8 on Windows 8.

Changed AutoHotkey.exe file description to include "ANSI/Unicode 32/64-bit".

Changed the parser to allow lines like new MyObject() with no assignment.

Upgraded PCRE to 8.30.

Improved wording of some warnings and added a pointer to the documentation at the bottom of the warning dialog.

Improvements to the debugger:

New features:

Added support for the PCRE construct (*MARK:NAME) via RegExMatchObject.Mark.

Added support for classvar.x := y assignments in class definitions (after declaring classvar).

Added A_Is64bitOS.

Added SetRegView and A_RegView.


Fixed Func.() to merely skip the function call if mandatory parameters were omitted instead of causing the thread to silently exit.

Fixed Object.Remove() not releasing object keys.

Fixed key-down/key-up hotkey pairs to suppress input correctly when only one hotkey in the pair is enabled.

Fixed #Include <Lib> to not affect the working directory used by subsequent #include directives.

Fixed objaddref() acting like ObjRelease() when called with a lower-case 'a'.

Fixed A_AhkPath in 32-bit compiled scripts to detect 64-bit AutoHotkey installations and vice versa.

Fixed TreeView controls with -Background option rendering incorrectly on older OSes.

Fixed error messages shown during execution of While/Until to identify the appropriate line. - March 25, 2012

Fixed Ctrl/Alt/Shift key-down hotkey breaking any corresponding key-up hotkey defined before it.

Fixed key-down hotkeys to always use the hook if defined after a key-up hotkey of the same key. If the key-down hotkey used the "reg" method, the hook would block the key-down event and trigger only the key-up hotkey.

Fixed load-time checks interpreting expressions with no derefs as raw text. For example, gosub % "foo" resolved to "foo": at load-time. Similarly, % "" was seen as invalid in various cases even if an empty string should be allowed. - March 22, 2012

Fixed a rare crash which can occur when GetClipboardData() fails.

Fixed ComObjArray() to return an empty string on failure instead of an arbitrary integer.

Fixed Object.Remove(i, "") affecting integer keys when !Object.HasKey(i). - March 2, 2012

Fixed FileRead to ignore #MaxMem when reading UTF-16 on Unicode builds.

Fixed dynamic function calls with built-in vars such as %A_ThisLabel%(). - February 27, 2012

Enhanced %var%() to support function objects and the default __Call meta-function.

Fixed ControlGet List to work for ListViews where the script and the target process aren't both 32-bit or both 64-bit.

Fixed SendEvent with a key delay of 0; a change introduced by v1.1.05.04 caused it to be slower than intended.

Fixed Object.Remove(i) not adjusting keys if Object[i] doesn't exist.

Fixed an error in ComObjType() which may have caused unpredictable behaviour when it is called via an alternative name.

Fixed ExitApp to exit the thread if an OnExit subroutine prevents the script from terminating, instead of resuming execution after the block which contained ExitApp.

Calling a function via an object no longer acts as a barrier to exiting the thread. Consequently, if Exit is used or a runtime error occurs within a class method, the entire thread exits instead of just the function.

Calling a base-class method using base.Method() or similar inside a class definition no longer causes a UseUnset warning if the method doesn't exist. Consequently, instantiating an object which has instance variables no longer causes a warning about the internal base.__Init method if the base class has no instance variables. - February 13, 2012

Fixed IniRead crashing when Section is omitted but Key isn't.

Fixed accuracy of FileGetSize with files which are 4GB or larger. - February 12, 2012

Fixed MsgBox smart comma handling to require numeric Options, not Title. - February 12, 2012

New features:

Integrated #InputLevel directive and SendLevel command by Russell Davis.

Integrated support for Link controls by ChrisS85.

Breaking changes:

Changed command parser to avoid trimming escaped characters such as `t or ` at the beginning or end of an arg.

Changed MsgBox's smart comma handling to improve flexibility and consistency.

Changed A_IsUnicode/A_IsCompiled to be defined as an empty string in ANSI versions/uncompiled scripts instead of being left undefined. This allows them to be checked without triggering #Warn warnings. Side effects include:

Changed Send and related commands to respect #MenuMaskKey when changing modifier keystates.

Other changes:

Changed GuiControl Choose to remove the ListBox/ComboBox/DDL's current selection when N=0.

Changed RegisterCallback to allow a Func object in place of a name.

Changed ListLines to show filenames (except when compiled).

Improved Run to output a process ID if possible when ShellExecuteEx is used.


Fixed handle leaks in RegRead.

Fixed x.y++ and similar to assign an empty string if x.y is non-numeric.

Fixed SendInput Win+L workaround causing Win key to "stick down".

Fixed Ahk2Exe auto-including the wrong file if an auto-include used #Include <Lib>. - December 31, 2011

Fixed inc (++) and dec (--) having no effect when used on an object field containing a string.

Fixed inc (++) and dec (--) to cause a warning when used on an uninitialized variable. - December 17, 2011

Fixed continue n misbehaving when an inner loop has no braces.

Fixed RegExMatchObject[Name] to work correctly with duplicate names. - December 5, 2011

Fixed: Selected sub-command of ControlGet was unreliable on x64.

Fixed: CPU was maxed out while waiting if an underlying thread displayed a dialog (and possibly in other cases). - November 30, 2011

Fixed Loop ... Until VarContainingObject. - November 20, 2011

Fixed false detection of end-of-file when loading a compiled script in some cases.

Fixed SendInput to automatically release modifier keys when sending special characters or {U+xxxx} (which was broken by v1.1.00.01).

Fixed ComObjConnect() to filter out non-dispatch interfaces instead of allowing the script to crash.

Fixed new %VarContainingClassName%(). - October 16, 2011

Fixed class declarations to allow directives such as #Include. - October 8, 2011

Added Client coordinate mode.

Added object output mode for RegExMatch and RegEx callouts.

Added super-global declarations, which avoid the need to repeat global declarations.

Breaking change: Class declarations such as Class c now create a super-global variable instead of an ordinary global.

Added more detail to unhandled exception error dialogs.

Changed Gui +Owner to work even after the GUI is created.

Changed instance var declarations in class definitions to avoid leaving empty key-value pairs in the class object.

Changed #Include to use standard error message formatting when it fails (more detail; also respects ErrorStdOut).

Changed Throw to throw an Exception object by default when its parameter is omitted.

Changed format of runtime error messages slightly to improve consistency and code size.

Modified PCRE to use UTF-16 for input on Unicode builds, for performance.

Upgraded PCRE to 8.13.

Fixed thread not exiting as intended when an assignment in an expression fails.

Fixed #MaxMem preventing assignments to variables which don't require expansion.

Fixed inability of Try/Catch to catch COM errors.

Fixed GuiControlGet incorrectly treating parameter #2 as invalid in some cases.

Fixed input vars being resolved too soon, allowing them to be invalidated by an expression later on the same line.

Fixed RegEx callouts not causing matching to abort when an exception is thrown.

Fixed DllCall setting ErrorLevel to -4 when it should be -3.

Fixed While appearing twice in ListLines for its first iteration.

Fixed Try/Catch to allow If/Loop/For/While with no enclosing block.

Fixed enumerator object not being released when Until is used to break a For-loop. - September 15, 2011

Fixed FileRemoveDir setting ErrorLevel incorrectly. - September 11, 2011

Warning: This release contains a number of potentially script-breaking changes.

Added exception handling support: try/catch/throw and Exception().

Added StdOut mode for #Warn.

Added Gui +HwndVARNAME option.

Added Gui, New [, Options, Title].

Added automatic support for keyboard accelerators such as Ctrl+O in Gui menus.

Changed handling of #Include <Lib> when the /iLib command-line switch is present to resolve a problem with Ahk2Exe.

Changed GuiControl to retain the Progress control's current value when its style is changed.

Changed GuiControl and GuiControlGet to allow a HWND to be passed in the ControlID parameter.

Removed the 1GB limit from FileRead.

Improved error detection:

Fixed a bug affecting recursive variadic functions. - August 28, 2011

Added support for GUI names.

Added support for identifying a GUI by its HWND.

Added +Parent%ParentGui% Gui option.

Added support for external windows as Gui owners via +Owner%HWND%.

Added Name sub-command for GuiControlGet.

Added support for ActiveX controls via the Gui command.

Fixed: Empty hotkey control returned "vk00".

Fixed: Crashes and memory leaks related to COM events/ComObjConnect().

Fixed: GuiControlGet OutputVar, Subcmd, %OutputVar% always failed.

Changed "Missing (/[/{" error messages to "Unexpected )/]/}" for greater clarity.

Changed ListLines to display While and Until lines which are executed each iteration.

Changed ~= to have higher precedence than =/!=/</>/<=/>= but lower than concat, and added it to the documentation. - August 21, 2011

Fixed (Debugger): numchildren attribute did not include Object.Base. - August 20, 2011

Fixed: Variable capacity was capped at 2GB on x64 builds.

Fixed: Last Found Window not set by #if WinExist(T). - August 13, 2011

Changed A_PriorKey to exclude key-up events.

Fixed process name/path retrieval in certain cases, including: - August 6, 2011

Added TV_SetImageList().

Characters which require non-standard shift states 16 and 32 now use a fallback method instead of producing the wrong keystrokes.

Revised handling of dead keys to solve problems which occur when multiple scripts with hotstrings are active. - July 30, 2011

Added support for instance variables in class definitions, using simple assignment syntax.

Removed var keyword used in class definitions; use static instead.

Added new built-in variables: A_ScriptHwnd and A_PriorKey.

Added new built-in functions: GetKeyName(), GetKeyVK(), GetKeySC() and IsByRef().

Added new sub-command: WinGet, OutputVar, ProcessPath.

Added the capability to specify a window by process name or path: ahk_exe %Name%.exe or ahk_exe %FullPath%.

Optimized ProcessName sub-command of WinGet.

Changed SetTimer to use A_ThisLabel if Label is omitted.

Updated ComObjConnect() to support using an object in place of a function name prefix.

Improved ComObjConnect() to allow the prefix/object to be updated without first disconnecting.

Improved parsing of continuation sections to allow expressions like (x.y)[z]() without escaping "(".

Replaced the method used to store script text in 32-bit compiled scripts; now consistent with 64-bit.

Fixed detection of AltGr in the active window's keyboard layout (on Unicode builds).

Fixed SendInput applying a redundant LCtrl-up some time after AltGr-up. - July 17, 2011

Fixed: Modifier keys weren't auto-released when sending special chars.

Fixed: Scancode/modifier-key mapping conflicts such as sc1xx vs ^sc0xx.

Fixed: $ and #UseHook had no effect if used only on the second or subsequent instance(s) of a hotkey.

Fixed: Potential crash when returning a value from a __Delete meta-function.

Fixed: "Uninitialized variable" warnings were triggered by the debugger.

Changed: base.Method() no longer triggers a default meta-function or a warning.

Changed: Gui +(Ex)Style no longer hides/shows the Gui.

Changed the debugger to report type="undefined" for uninitialized variables.

Added check to avoid incorrectly sending keystrokes for characters which actually require the "hankaku" key.

Added support for integers as class variable names.

Added "Static" keyword for declaring class variables. - May 1, 2011

New features:

Implemented basic class definition syntax.

Implemented the new keyword for creating a derived object.

Added Func() for retrieving a reference to an existing function and improved IsFunc to recognize function references.

Added support for ++ and -- with object fields, such as x.y[z]++.


Changed __Delete to not trigger __Call.

Changed OnClipboardChange to use AddClipboardFormatListener when available (i.e. on Windows Vista and later) to improve reliability.

Auto-concat with ( is more selective, so some invalid expressions like 12(34) will no longer work.


Fixed SetTimer Label, -0 to be treated as "run-once, very soon".

Fixed A_MyDocuments etc. to use SHGetFolderPath instead of undocumented registry keys.

Fixed non-empty ExcludeText causing windows with no text to be excluded. - April 14, 2011

Fixed misinterpretation of comma as an arg delimiter when enclosed in {} in an expression.

Fixed For-loop to set A_Index only after the Expression arg is evaluated, so that the outer loop's value can be used.

Fixed default script location to be based on the directory containing the EXE (as documented), not the working directory.

Improved load-time validation to detect invalid attempts to jump out of a function with Goto. - April 2, 2011

Fixed the 64-bit build to not truncate HWNDs or SendMessage/PostMessage params to 32 bits.

Fixed */:: being treated as an invalid hotkey (broken since L54).

Fixed the icons. - March 28, 2011

Added {key: value} as syntax sugar for Object("key", value).

Added [x, y, z] as syntax sugar for Array(x, y, z), which is a new function equivalent to Object(1, x, 2, y, 3, z).

Added slight optimization: resolve any reference to True, False, A_PtrSize or A_IsUnicode in expressions at load-time.

Fixed hotkey parser to treat x & ^y as an error instead of ignoring ^. - March 21, 2011

New features:

ComObjQuery: Queries a COM object for an interface or service.

ComObjFlags: Retrieves or changes flags which control a COM wrapper object's behaviour.

ComObjCreate() allows non-dispatch objects to be created if an interface identifier (IID) is given.

COM arrays support for-loops and the Clone() method.

ListVars shows the inner variant type and value of each COM wrapper object, in addition to the wrapper's address.


When a literal integer or variable containing both a numeric string and cached binary integer is assigned to a field of an object, an integer is stored instead of a string. This particularly benefits scripts calling COM methods which accept integers but not strings, or have different behaviour depending on the type of value.

NULL values are now allowed with ComObjParameter() for the VT_UNKNOWN and VT_DISPATCH types.

Improved support for Common Language Runtime (.NET) objects via COM.

FileRecycle should now warn before deleting a file which is too large to recycle.

When a SafeArray created with ComObjArray() is assigned to an element of another SafeArray, a separate copy is created. This prevents the script from crashing due to a second attempt at "destroying" the array. ComObjFlags() allows this behaviour to be avoided.


Assigning to a COM array of VT_DISPATCH or VT_UNKNOWN crashed the script.

Break and Continue were tolerated outside of loops in some cases.

Standalone carriage-return (`r) was not correctly interpreted as end-of-line.

MouseMove miscalculated negative coordinates with the Input and Event send modes.

Selecting Edit This Script from the tray menu or using the Edit command crashed the script (broken by v1.0.95).

Error dialogs pointed at irrelevant lines of code in some cases. - March 12, 2011

All file I/O has been heavily optimized.

Added #Warn to assist with debugging; initial design by ac.

By default, if name_var contains a function name, name_var.() calls the function. This can be overidden via the default base object, as before.

Run supports verbs with parameters, such as Run *RunAs %A_ScriptFullPath% /Param.

If an operator which can accept either one operand (&x) or two numeric operands (x & y) follows a quoted literal string, auto-concat occurs and the operator is applied only to the right-hand operand. This is because quoted literal strings are always considered non-numeric and are therefore not valid input for numeric operators. For example, expressions like "x" &y and "x" ++y now work.

Fixed: - January 19, 2011

Fixed a memory leak which occurred when the return value of an object invocation or built-in function was not used, such as file.ReadLine() or SubStr(x,y,z) alone on a line.

Replaced the fix from v1.0.92.01 with a better fix, which also fixes k::MsgBox(),x:=y and doesn't break if(). - January 18, 2011

Changed: FileCreateDir now sets A_LastError.

Fixed: GuiControl() or similar was sometimes misinterpreted as a command. - January 13, 2011

Added support for compound assignments with objects, such as x.y += z.

Improved IniWrite in Unicode builds to prevent an empty line from appearing at the top of each new file.

Improved the parser to be more permissive about what can follow {/}/Else, especially when combined. - January 1, 2011

Fixed: Cleanup code in COM method calls was freeing the wrong parameters.

Fixed (ANSI): DllCall set incorrect length for WStr parameters on output.

Fixed: Variadic function calls were unstable when param object was empty. - December 29, 2010

Fixed (Unicode): RegExReplace omitted all text up to StartingPos (broken by v1.0.90.00). - December 27, 2010

Fixed: RegEx callout subpattern vars - broken by v1.0.90.00. - December 26, 2010

COM: Added protection against NULL IDispatch/IUnknown pointers.

COM: Skip QueryInterface for IDispatch if VT_DISPATCH is passed explicitly.

Minor fix for maintainability: obj.field := var now correctly yields SYM_STRING, not SYM_OPERAND. - December 24, 2010

Fixed: Unexpected results with File.Write(Str) after text-reading.

Fixed: UTF BOM check caused unexpected results in files without a BOM.

Fixed (ANSI): Parsing loops and File.ReadLine() treated Chr(255) as EOF.

Fixed (Unicode): RegExReplace errors where the UTF-8 and UTF-16 lengths differed.

Fixed: Disabling the last hook hotkey breaks Input.

Added: Simple optimization for RegExMatch/Replace. - December 21, 2010

All changes in this release are COM-related.

Added: ComObjError() now returns the previous setting.

Added: ComObjType(co) and ComObjValue(co).

Added: ComObjMissing().

Added: ComObjArray() and basic SAFEARRAY support.

Added: "Take ownership" parameter for ComObjParameter().

Changed: Values passed to COM functions via ComObjParameter() are no longer freed in the process of calling the function.

Changed: ComObj.x() now falls back to PROPERTYGET if member 'x' is not found. This fixes for-loops for some objects.

Changed: Wrap unhandled variant types in an object rather than returning integer value.

Changed: Manage VT_UNKNOWN/VT_ARRAY lifetime automatically, by default. - November 27, 2010

Fixed: UrlDownloadToFile in Unicode builds on Windows < 7.

Fixed: Upper-ANSI characters were sent as Alt+0 in ANSI build.

Fixed: File.Pos was incorrect after attempting to read past EOF.

Fixed: Escape sequences in #If expressions and static initializers.

Fixed: ClipboardAll sometimes crashed the script with certain formats.

Fixed: Transform HTML calculated length incorrectly for &#NNN; entities.

Fixed: VarSetCapacity now correctly ignores #MaxMem for ByRef variables.

Fixed: FileAppend,,file.txt set ErrorLevel=1 even on success.

Fixed: Match length was miscalculated for RegEx callouts with the P) option.

Integrated Sean's improvements to number handling in COM interop.

Optimized RegExReplace and RegExMatch in Unicode builds.

Revision 61 - October 3, 2010

Added: ObjClone(Object), forgotten when Object.Clone() was implemented.

Added: Support for RegEx Unicode properties in Unicode builds. Also upgraded PCRE to 8.10.

Added: Object.Remove(int, "") removes Object[int] without affecting other keys.

Changed: is now always treated as a method-call.

Changed: Var := 123 is now left as an expression, for consistency. This makes Var := 123 and Var := (123) equivalent, whereas previously the former assigned only a string and the latter assigned both a string and a cached binary integer. In particular, this avoids some confusing type mismatch errors with COM objects.

Fixed: Dynamic variadic calls to functions with mandatory parameters.

Fixed: The final parameter of an assume-global variadic function had to be explicitly declared local.

Fixed: Static initializers interfering with setting of breakpoints.

Fixed: More pointer size-related errors with PCRE callouts on x64 builds.

Fixed: Input with 'M' option treated Ctrl-M (`r) as Ctrl-J (`n).

Fixed: Object.Remove(n) returned 0 (not "") if Object[n] didn't exist.

Revision 60 - September 24, 2010

Added: File.Encoding for changing or retrieving the codepage in use by a File object.

Added: Variadic functions and function-calls and indirect mode for callbacks.

Added: Object.Clone()

Changed: ByRef parameters no longer require the caller to supply a variable.

Changed: := "" now frees foo's contents as originally intended (but still doesn't remove the field).

Changed: OnMessage functions now tolerate optional and ByRef parameters.

Changed: RegisterCallback now enables execute access on callbacks in 32-bit builds (already did in 64-bit builds).

Changed: RegisterCallback now treats explicit ParamCount="" as omitted.

Fixed: For-loop was treating non-expression "0" as true for scripted enumerators.

Fixed: ComEvent (ComObjConnect) not working on the ANSI build.

Fixed: ComEvent (ComObjConnect) not correctly backing up/restoring local vars when calling a function which is already running.

Fixed: Buffer overflow in A_EndChar when there is no end char.

Fixed: Func->mNextFunc not inititialized to NULL (used only by LowLevel scripts).

Debugger: Added the capability to retrieve an object's contents (with a supported debugger client).

Debugger: Fixed a few bugs.

Revision 59 - September 12, 2010

Fixed: #If expression should now evaluate each expression at most once per keypress in all cases.

Changed: SplashImage uses common image-loading routines; now supports PNG and similar, but results may differ from before for icon files.

Added: For x,y in z.

Added: Loop .. Until expression, usable with any Loop or For-loop.

Added: Named loops; continue outer_loop, break 2, etc.

Debugger: Encode stdout and stderr packets as UTF-8.

Debugger: Allow user to Abort, Retry or Ignore when the initial connection fails.

Debugger: Allow attaching a debugger client by sending the script a registered window message.

Debugger: Allow detaching debugger client by sending the "detach" DBGp command.

Revision 58 - September 5, 2010

Added: static var := expression.

Revision 57 - September 4, 2010

Fixed Str*, WStr* and AStr* DllCall return types on x64.

Added functionality to InStr to bring it in line with StringGetPos:

Added #include <LibName> for explicitly including a script from a function library folder.

Added functionality to IniRead and IniWrite allowing an entire section to be read or written.

Added functionality to IniRead allowing a list of section names to be retrieved.

Added support for custom verbs to Run/RunWait: Run *verb file.

Made improvements to the way Run/RunWait extracts the action and its parameters from the Target parameter.

Changed NumGet/NumPut to allow Offset to be omitted entirely since Type is always non-numeric.

Removed the restriction that a label can't point to the end of a block.

Revision 56 - August 29, 2010

Added support for x64 compiled scripts. Requires Ahk2Exe_L and x64 AutoHotkeySC.bin.

Fixed: Deref operator (*addr) rejected addresses outside 32-bit range.

Fixed: #If expression memory allocation error on x64.

Fixed: Custom hotstring end chars with code points greater than U+00FF.

Fixed: Special characters being sent out of sequence by SendInput/Play.

Fixed: */ being discarded in continuation sections (see L54).

Revision 55 - August 19, 2010

Fixed: GroupActivate not setting ErrorLevel=1 if no Label was specified.

Fixed: Tab controls in x64 build.

Fixed: String-copy mode of StrPut when length is omitted; broken by L53.

Fixed: Data-alignment issues in x64 builds.

Changed: Set A_LastError for more File* commands to assist debugging.

Includes FileAppend, FileRead, FileReadLine, FileDelete, FileCopy, FileMove, FileGetAttrib/Time/Size/Version and FileSetAttrib/Time.

Excludes FileCopyDir, FileRecycle, FileMoveDir, FileRemoveDir, FileRecycleEmpty, FileCreateDir and FileInstall as the APIs used do not consistently set or return a Win32 error code.

Revision 54 - August 15, 2010

Fixed: RunAs in Unicode build. [jackieku]

Fixed: RegisterCallback in x64 build. [fincs]

Fixed: Executables failing to run on Win2k and WinXP prior to SP2. Win2k requires SP4 and updates (probably KB 816542). XP not tested.

Fixed: Dialogs such as MsgBox became unresponsive when interrupted by another script thread. Message filter/workaround added in L45 had to be removed.

Fixed: Multi-byte characters in default ANSI codepage; this was also causing a memory leak.

Fixed: ComObject now allows purely numeric property/method names.

Enhanced usability and capabilities of FileOpen/File object.

Changed: GroupAdd's Label parameter now applies to the whole group. [Discussion]

Changed: GroupActivate sets ErrorLevel on success/failure. (Same thread as above.)

Changed: */ at the beginning of a line is ignored if there was no /*. [Discussion]

Removed ToCodePage and FromCodePage subcommands of Transform.

Revision 53 - August 8, 2010

Merged AutoHotkey64 - COM support and x64 compatibility.

x64 (changes since AutoHotkey64):

COM (changes since AutoHotkey64):

Implemented common syntax validation code for enumerators. Enum[] and Enum.Next() are now supported with or without parameters. Enum[]:=val and similar obscure forms which worked in AutoHotkey_COM/AutoHotkey64 are not allowed.

"Ptr" type is still signed (unlike AutoHotkey64), for maximum flexibility and consistency.

Other changes:

Added: Object.HasKey(key).

Added: Object(obj) increments obj's reference count and returns its address.

Added: ObjAddRef() and ObjRelease().

Fixed: A_ThisHotkey now has the expected value when used with #If.

Fixed: RunAs in Unicode build (fixed by jackieku).

Changed: Default script codepage for ANSI builds is now CP0 (ANSI).

Changed: x.y[] is now equivalent to (x.y)[] rather than x["y"].

Changed: Built-in methods can now be called with or without the underscore prefix (e.g. obj.MaxIndex() or obj._MaxIndex()).

Revision 52 (again) - July 10, 2010

Added support for built-in and environment variables in double-derefs.

Improved support for multi-byte characters in certain codepages (previously only 932, 936, 949, 950 and 1361 were supported).

Fixed: StrPut failed for codepages which don't support WC_NO_BEST_FIT_CHARS, such as UTF-7.

Fixed: Double-deref as object - literal%var%.literal.

Fixed: StrPut("", Encoding) null-terminated an invalid address.

Revision 52 - June 12, 2010

Fixed: ObjRemove's Key parameter is now optional, as with Object._Remove.

Fixed: Files were improperly locked while reading, unlike in older versions.

Fixed: Uppercase Hex format caused negative integers to become unsigned.

Fixed: RegExMatch was corrupting output array items when specific conditions were met. See bug report.

Revision 51 - April 11, 2010

Changed: Use <EXENAME>.ahk instead of AutoHotkey.ini or AutoHotkey.ahk.

Changed: Default to UTF-8 for script files; override with /CPnnn.

Fixed: Unpause when the script exits so that object __Delete meta-functions can run.

Revision 50 - March 27, 2010

Improved flexibility of Object._Insert.

Improved flexibility of Object._Remove.

Added file share mode flags to FileOpen [by jackieku].

Fixed: 'P' option of RegExMatch incorrectly output 1 for subpatterns which did not match anything.

Fixed: Object._SetCapacity(key,n) was not null-terminating in some cases.

Fixed: StatusBarGetText returned only half of the text in Unicode builds.

Revision 49 - March 14, 2010

Added obj._NewEnum().

Added ObjMethod(obj) for each built-in obj._Method().

Changed: ObjSet/Get/Call can no longer be called/overridden by script.

Fixed: Potential crash caused by VK_PACKET check added in L48.

Fixed: Character codes in VK_PACKET events were potentially misinterpreted as scancodes.

Fixed: ExcludeText was ineffective after the first matching control.

Revision 48 - February 21, 2010

Fixed: Standalone obj.() was not recognized as a valid expression.

ControlSend now uses WM_CHAR to support characters which have no associated keycode. For instance, this applies to "…" (en-US), "∞" in a Unicode build and {U+221e} in either build.

KeyHistory now shows the full 16-bit character code for VK_PACKET (VK=E7) events. Send may indirectly cause these to be generated for Unicode characters.

Revision 47 - February 13, 2010

Fixed (Unicode): ControlGet,List with ListView controls.

Revision 46 - February 11, 2010

Added A_FileEncoding, which returns the current default file encoding.

Added StrPut and extended StrGet with additional features.

Revision 45 - February 8, 2010

Added _GetAddress; _SetCapacity/_GetCapacity may now operate on a given field. [more info]

Added workaround for WM_PAINT infinite loop often caused by subclassing.

Allow obj.() as a means to call the default method of an object; equivalent to obj[""]().

Dev: Added solution and project files for MSBuild 4.0 & VS2010. [more info]

Fixed (Unicode): 'Running' column in ListHotkeys.

Revision 44 - February 7, 2010

Fixed: Attempting to set "nothing" crashed the script. For instance, x[]:=z.

Fixed (Unicode): Unable to find default script (Documents\AutoHotkey.ahk).

Fixed (Unicode): A_Desktop, A_ProgramFiles and several other built-in variables which read their value from the registry caused strings to be incorrectly terminated.

Fixed (ANSI): Characters in the range 0x80-0xFF couldn't be found by InStr or StringReplace.

Changed (ANSI): Treat ToCodePage/FromCodePage like other unsupported/invalid subcommands.

Revision 43 - January 29, 2010

Fixed: obj.Func() resulting in a random integer when it should be an empty string.

Revision 42 - January 28, 2010

Merged with AutoHotkeyU.

Numerous bug-fixes and improvements, some relating to the merge.

Revision 41 - December 20, 2009

Fixed: Floating-point numbers were equivalent to an empty string when used as keys in objects. They are now converted to numeric strings in the current float format, as originally intended.

Revision 40 - December 13, 2009

Changed meta-functions and multi-param behaviour to improve flexibility. Meta-functions are now invoked *before* searching for an appropriate field in each base object; however, values in x.base will override meta-functions defined in x.base.base. Chaining meta-functions (inheritence) is now possible by avoiding "Return"

Improved Default Base functionality to be more consistent with real objects.

Changed (Debugger): While stepping through code, skip all braces except those which end a function.

Changed (Debugger): When stepping onto the hidden "Exit" at end of the script, consider it to be *below* the last physical line to avoid confusion.

Revision 39 - December 2, 2009

Fixed (Debugger): Error in Base64 decoding used by property_set.

Revision 38 - November 17, 2009

Added: #MenuMaskKey directive to change which key is used to mask Alt/Win keyup events. See this thread for background information.

Changed: If x[1,2]:=3 creates an object for x[1], it's base is no longer automatically set to x.base. See the documentation for a method of controlling this behaviour.

Revision 37 - November 7, 2009

Added: Support for obj[method_name](params) object-call syntax.

Revision 36 - November 4, 2009

Changed: If x.y or similar is immediately followed by an open-bracket ([), the right-most identifier preceding the bracket is treated as the first parameter of the operation. For instance, a.b.c[d] is equivalent to ObjGet(a.b,"c",d) and x.y[z]:=v is equivalent to ObjSet(x,"y",z,v). Previously each sub-expression preceding a bracket was evaluated separately.

Changed: If a method-call such as x.y() is followed immediately by an assignment, the parentheses are treated as brackets. For instance, x.y(z):=v is now equivalent to ObjSet(x,"y",z,v).

Fixed: If(expr) and While(expr) with no delimiting space or comma.

Revision 35 - October 25, 2009

Fixed: Standalone expressions beginning with two or more "dots", such as x.y.z(). (Broken by L34.) Note that '(' or '[' or ':=' is still required.

Revision 34 - October 24, 2009

Changed: Setting a value within an object to an empty string now stores the empty string rather than removing the key-value pair from the object. _Remove can still be used to completely remove key-value pairs.

Changed: Command names must be terminated with a space, tab or comma. The following characters no longer bypass this requirement: <>:+-*/!~&|^[]. For instance, syntax errors such as MsgBox< foo and If!foo are now caught at load-time.

Fixed: Return now properly handles expressions which result in a variable containing an object. For instance, Return x:=y, Return (x), Return x,... and similar should work now (Return x already worked).

Fixed: Multi-parameter get/set did not correctly support meta-functions for multiple objects (such as for x and x[y] in the expression x[y,z]).

Fixed: Cascading object-assignments such as the x[y]:=z in r:=x[y]:=z could not yield numbers or objects - broken by L33.

Fixed: x._Remove(y) crashed the script or removed the wrong item if x did not contain y.

Fixed: x.=y, if x.y=... and similar. May affect other expressions.

Fixed: Standalone ternary expressions no longer requires spaces. For instance, x? F(1) : F(2) is now allowed.

Debugger: On script exit, disconnect debugger *after* releasing objects to allow debugging of __Delete handlers.

Revision 33 - October 3, 2009

Fixed: Local variables were not automatically freed for functions which return objects or pure numbers.

Fixed: Two separate reference-counting errors related to ternary operator and Object().

Fixed: If a string returned by a scripted object function was assigned directly to a variable, the variable's length was set incorrectly.

Fixed: If the last operation in an expression retrieved a string from a temporary object, the object and string were freed prematurely.

Fixed: Numeric strings with special formatting were not preserved when returned from a function via a variable or passed to a recursive function.

Fixed: If the final result of an expression (other than for Return) is an object, correctly yield an empty string instead of silently aborting the thread.

Fixed: __Delete meta-functions sometimes overwrote temporary values in the deref buffer.

Added: An address retrieved via &object may be cast back into an object reference by using Object(address).

Revision 32 - September 26, 2009

Fixed: Send/PostMessage crash when less than three parameters were specified.

Revision 31 - September 26, 2009

Added: Object/array support and numerous minor changes to make this possible.

Added: Support for While(expression) with no delimiting space.

Added: Trim, LTrim, RTrim.

Added: A ~= B; equivalent to RegExMatch(A, B). May be removed in a future revision.

Fixed: An incompatibility with LowLevel.

Changed: Characters [, ] and ? are no longer valid in variable names. Consequently, ? (ternary) no longer requires a space on either side.

Changed: Optional parameters may now be omitted at any position in the parameter list of a non-dynamic function call. Since this works by automatically inserting the parameter's default value at load-time, it is not supported or allowed for dynamic function-calls.

Debugger: Various minor changes to make program flow easier to follow while stepping through code.

Optimization: If DllCall's first parameter is a literal string which identifies a function already present in memory, it is replaced with the actual address of the function.

Updated from v1.0.48.03 to v1.0.48.04.

Revision 30 - May 31, 2009

Updated from v1.0.48.02 to v1.0.48.03.

Revision 29 - May 2, 2009

All supported image formats may now be used as menu icons. Currently it is necessary to specify "actual size" when setting the icon to preserve transparency on Windows Vista and later. For example:

Menu, Icon, MenuItemName, Filename.png,, 0

Revision 28 - May 2, 2009

Improved average-case performance of dynamic function calls by implementing binary search for function name look-ups. This change also applies to other areas, such as load-time resolution of function references in expressions and run-time resolution by OnMessage(), RegisterCallback(), etc.

Revision 27 - April 26, 2009

Updated from v1.0.48.00 to v1.0.48.02.

Revision 26 - April 11, 2009

Fixed: Menu icons were not drawn on items which have submenus if owner-drawing was in use.

Fixed: Menu icons were not freed if all menu items were deleted at once.

Changed (Source): Renamed AutoHotkey.sln to AutoHotkey_L.sln to allow VS window to be identified more easily.

Revision 25 - March 30, 2009

Fixed: Send {U+xxxx} correctly sets modifier key-state as with any normal key.

Fixed: Send {U+..xx} no longer triggers hotkey SCxx.

Revision 24 - March 30, 2009

Added: Support for Send {U+xxxx}. SendInput() is used where available for proper unicode support, otherwise falls back to Alt+Numpad.

Revision 23 - March 30, 2009

Fixed: GuiControl, Enable/Disable now only resets focus if the focused control was disabled.

Revision 22 - March 26, 2009

Optimized If var [not] in/contains MatchList, especially for long lists containing shorter fields.

Revision 21 - March 16, 2009

Minor optimizations to While. [thanks Chris]

Fixed (Debugger): Revisions 19 and 20 omitted timer threads from the call stack.

Fixed (Debugger): XML-reserved characters were not escaped in most situations.

Fixed (Debugger): Incorrect command and transaction_id were used in the final response before exiting the script.

Revision 20 - February 27, 2009

Changed: If an icon cannot be loaded with the new method, fall back to the old method.

Revision 19 - February 26, 2009

Added: Gui, Font, qN option to set font quality/control anti-aliasing, where N is between 0 and 5.

Fixed: IL_Add now loads icons at the most appropriate size when multiple sizes exist.

Merged with AutoHotkey v1.0.48, introducing bug fixes, optimizations and other changes by Chris. Some AutoHotkey_L features were integrated into the mainstream release; changes to these features since previous revisions are as follows:

Revision 18 - February 21, 2009

Fixed: Incomplete bug-fix in previous revision causing concat followed by assignment to skip the rest of the expression in some cases.

Revision 17 - February 20, 2009

Added: Menu icons via Icon and NoIcon sub-commands of the Menu command.

Changed: Negative icon numbers can now be used to indicate a resource ID within an executable.

Changed: Set default style of menus to include MNS_CHECKORBMP.

Changed: Load both small and large versions of custom tray icons to allow the correct icons to be shown in the appropriate places.

Fixed: Loading of icons from executable files at sizes other than the system small/large.

Revision 16 - February 4, 2009

Fixed: Deleting a menu item partially deleted its associated submenu.

Revision 15 - February 1, 2009

Fixed: SetFormat's presence in a *compiled* script was not disabling binary number write-caching. SetFormat should now work correctly in compiled scripts.

Revision 14 - February 1, 2009

Numerous bug-fixes and optimizations by Chris (pre-v1.0.48 beta).

Added: Support for regex callouts and the auto-callout option 'C'.

Changed: A_AhkVersion now includes the revision number. For instance, this is

Fixed: HWND's/window ID's were sign-extended to 64-bit. For instance, 0xb482057e became 0xffffffffb482057e.

Revision 13 - November 29, 2008

Fixed: Invalid DllCall types were treated as INT in some build environments.

Added: Workaround for GuiEscape issue when disabling focused control.

Changed version info: InternalName, ProductName and FileDescription are now "AutoHotkey_L" instead of "AutoHotkey".

Revision 12 - September 6, 2008

Fixed: Potential access violation when using property_get on a built-in variable. -- DBGP

Revision 11 - September 5, 2008

Fixed: Remove checksum from AutoHotkeySC.bin via post-build script (AutoHotkey must be installed).

Added: .L suffix to A_AhkVersion.

Added: Preliminary support for DBGp (interactive debugging).

Revision 10 - August 2, 2008

Fixed: WheelLeft/WheelRight support, which was broken in revision 9.

Revision 9 - July 29, 2008

Fixed: Allow Break/Continue in While.

Fixed: TrayTip in non-English Windows and possibly other side-effects of using Vista headers.

Revision 8 - July 27, 2008

Added: #IfTimeout directive to set the timeout for evaluation of #If expressions, in milliseconds. Default is 1000.

Added: Assume-static mode for functions. "Static" must precede any local/global variable declarations.

Added: One-true-brace support for While.

Changed: While now sets A_Index to the iteration about to begin.

Revision 7 - July 26, 2008

Added: IsFunc(FuncName) - Returns a non-zero number if FuncName exists in the script or as a built-in function.

Revision 5 - July 19, 2008

Cleaned up obsolete references to test scripts.

Added basic default test script.

Revision 4 - July 18, 2008

Added: #if (expression) - Similar to #IfWinActive, but for arbitrary expressions.

Added: WheelLeft, WheelRight - Support for WM_MOUSEHWHEEL, which was introduced with Windows Vista. (Requires Vista.)

Added: While, expression - Loop while a condition is true.

Added: A_IsPaused - True if the underlying thread is paused.

Added: A_IsCritical - True if the current thread has been marked uninterruptible by the "Critical" command.

Changed: Allow any number of parameters to be passed in dynamic function calls.

Fixed: Access Violation caused by WinGetClass and subclassed windows.

Fixed: Access Violation caused by empty dynamic function references.