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7plus V. 2.5.0 - Improve Explorer/Win, Launcher, Automation

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Owh.. It's pretty hard to find this page, because I forget the keyword '7plus' sad.png

Anyway fragman, I want to ask for a feature, a "Folder Watcher" that could automatically move/rename/overwrite a newly created file in a folder.

So basically it'll watch a folder, then move the file based on 'rules' we created before. The rule can be made of tags, or filename containing special keyword, or even by filetypes.

For example: I create ahk tag, and specify ahk folder as the destination folder.

So when a file is exist and it's "[ahk] some script.ahk", it will automatically move/rename to the specified folder. And if there's a file with the same name, the user can choose to overwrite it or automatically rename the file.


The exe could be run multiple times, so I think adding #SingleInstance Ignore is not a bad idea. Last one, there's a typo in the About page. "The Autoudater uses 7-Zip"

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I assume unzipping and running 7Plus.exe is all that's needed to "install?"  Anyway, I was intrigued by the features.  Unfortunately I only have Windows 8.0 to play with.  Running 7plus.exe hangs my system.  If I press Control Alt Del and wait I can get out of it without holding the power button down.


Running it comes right up to "7plus has stopped working" dialog.  Just thought I'd save W8 users some time.


I watched several of the videos.  Nice logical enhancements to Explorer.  If I ever get a W7 machine set up again I may give it another go.  :)

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